Whether you venture to trendy Davis Square in Somerville, traverse the South End, or stick to the heart of downtown Boston, there's never a shortage of tantilizing eateries. And thanks to the culinary masterminds behind these Boston restaurants, by the time you're within 20 feet of their alluring aromas, (even if you weren't hungry at the start of your walk) those hunger pangs begin to hit hard.

But with so many options, it might be a little difficult to make that final decision on which Boston restaurant you will succumb to...Which is why I've tried to make the choice a bit easier. I've rounded up 43 spots that, as a true Bostonian, you should check off your list, at least once. This by no means that there aren't hundreds of other worthy contenders in the Boston food scene; but hey, you gotta start somewhere.

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Neptune Oyster Bar // 63 Salem St

Type: Seafood

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Tiger Mama // 1363 Boylston St

Type: Southeast Asian Cuisine

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Highland Kitchen // 150 Highland Ave

Type: American Comfort Food

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Yume Wo Kutare // 1923 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge

Type: Ramen

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Brewer's Fork // 7 Moulton Street, Charlestown

Type: Pizzeria/Beer Garden

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Sam LaGrassa’s // 44 Province St

Type: Sandwiches

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Mistral // 223 Columbus Ave

Type: French Cuisine

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Tasting Counter // 14 Tyler St, Somerville

Type: New American Fine Dining

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The Gallows // 1395 Washington St

Type: New American Cuisine

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Clover Food Lab // 1326 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge

Type: Vegetarian

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Trina's Starlite Lounge // 3 Beacon St, Somerville

Type: Southern Comfort Cuisine

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Juliet // 257 Washington St, Somerville

Type: Euro-style Cafe

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Craigie on Main // 853 Main St, Cambridge

Type: French New American Cuisine

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Sweet Cheeks Q // 1381 Boylston St

Type: BBQ

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Gene’s Chinese Flatbread Cafe // 86 Bedford St

Type: Chinese Cuisine

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Coppa // 253 Shawmut Ave

Type: Italian Cuisine

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Mike and Patty's // 12 Church St

Type: Sandwiches

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Journeyman // 9 Sanborn Ct, Somerville

Type: New American Cuisine

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Centre Street Cafe // 669A Centre St

Type: Italian Cuisine

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Row 34 // 383 Congress St

Type: Seafood

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Myers + Chang // 1145 Washington St

Type: Asian Cuisine

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Mei Mei // 506 Park Drive

Type: Asian Cuisine

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KO Pies // 87 A St, South Boston

Type: Australian Meat Pies

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Boston Sail Loft // 80 Atlantic Ave

Type: Seafood

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Santarpio's Pizza // 111 Chelsea St

Type: Pizzeria

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Shawarma Falafel // 26 Province Street

Type: Lebanese Cuisine

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Oleana // 134 Hampshire St, Cambridge

Type: Mediterranean Cuisine

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Legal Sea Food // 20 University Rd, Cambridge

Type: Seafood

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R.F. O'Sullivan's // 282 Beacon St, Somerville

Type: Pub Food (Burgers)

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Galleria Umberto // 289 Hanover St

Type: Pizzeria

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Angela's Cafe // 131 Lexington St, East Boston

Type: Mexican Cuisine

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Stephanie's on Newbury // 190 Newbury St

Type: New American Cuisine

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Alden & Harlow // 40 Brattle St, Cambridge

Type: New American Cuisine

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Cutty's // 284 Washington St, Brookline

Type: Sandwich

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North Street Grille // 229 North St

Type: American Cuisine

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Atlantic Fish Company // 761 Boylston St

Type: Seafood

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Sorellina // 1 Huntington Ave

Type: Italian Cuisine

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Sofra Bakery and Cafe // 1 Belmont St, Cambridge

Type: Middle Eastern Cuisine

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Island Creek Oyster Bar // 500 Commonwealth Ave

Type: Seafood

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Aquitaine Boston // 569 Tremont St

Type: French Cuisine

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Giacomo's // 355 Hanover St

Type: Italian Cuisine

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Toro // 1704 Washington St

Type: Spanish Cuisine

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The Paramount // 44 Charles St

Type: Casual American

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