You might be thinking...hipster foods? How the hell can food be considered "hipster?" Believe me, it can.

So what makes hipster food, hipster food? Just think about it. You know all those pictures of matcha lattes taking over your Instagram feed, all those videos on Facebook of seemingly normal dishes being smothered in a layer of cheese melting straight off the wheel, the Yelp notifications of 10 new juice bars that opened up down the street? These, my friend, are hipster foods.

Basically anything that's trending... and makes for a pretty picture on social media... can be considered to be a meal of hipster proportions. And Boston's got lots of 'em.

via @fulltimefoodies

Sushi Burritos

via @lettucedine


via @commonwealthcoldbrew

Cold Brew

via @meimeiboston

Kale Salad

via @caprilikethepants

Decadent Donuts

via @phantomgourmet


via @abbymatses

Avocado Toast

via @scornsphotography

Nice Cream...or non-dairy ice cream

via @kt__eats

Smoothie & Acai Bowls


Green Juice

via @bostonburger_co

Milkshakes on Steroids

via @thebostonbucket

Bloody Marys on Crack

via @thefattestfriends


via @bostonfoodies


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