Boston's got a lot of quirks that make it the city we love. Rich in history, culture and pride, the people of Boston are stuck in their ways - not to say that's a bad thing. This simply means that living in Boston comes with a few stereotypes...many of which are, so true.

Take the following images, for example. Moments captured in time of Boston being, well, Boston. These images are so typical of the city that they can pretty much only be described as, the most Boston thing ever. And we freakin' love it.

Boston's relationship with Dunkin' is real.

Like, really, really real.

Just your typical Monday morning.

via @angelufluff

If you didn't take this picture, do you even live in Boston?

What Boston churches are for...

Photo cred - twitter

Because this city loves its teams.

Really loves its teams.

via @gynger.snaps

You can't deny that snarky Boston 'tude.

Commuting to work in the winter. Normal.

LOL. Boston.

Sums up pretty much every establishment we've got.


Because our city is old AF.

The reason why we're all Massholes.

I mean COME ON.

Photo cred - imgur

The law says so.


Photo cred- imgur


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