Boston is the city known for its good schools, energy, healthcare, sports and technology industries. This city is filled with talented, forward-thinking people who continue to take Boston to the next level. What’s also great about this city are the bloggers and influencers who bring out the fun and interesting sides of Boston.

In honor of Women’s History Month, BEL Monique magazine teamed up with Narcity to bring you 30 Women with Badass Jobs in Boston. Not only do many of them have great careers, but they’ve leverage their jobs and turn them into lucrative careers on social media.  From entrepreneurship to politics, these mavens contribute to the fabric of this great city and it’s only necessary to highlight these boss ladies.

30. Lory Sun // @lorysunartistry


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Why she is badass: Lory Sun is practically a creative genius. Known for her custom-made signature Avant Garde jewelry and dresses, her work is pretty hard to ignore. Her luxury styled pieces has been featured in cosmopolitan magazine, Vogue Magazine and Vice.

29. Lia Cirio // @msliac

Ballet Dancer

@msliacembedded via

Why she is badass: Lia is the principal dancer with Boston Ballet Associate. Her versatility in different styles of dance, consistency and lots of practice earned her a spotlight on The Patriot Ledger for outstanding stage presence and performance.

28. Cassie Huck //

Creative Director/Producer

@hive.studioembedded via

Why she is badass: Cassie is one half of a duo who runs HIVE.STUDIO, an independent photography and video studio based in Boston and NYC.  They create visual stories for ads, social media, e-commerce, and much more. So, if you are looking to take your brand to the next level, Cassie is your plug.

27. Katrina Jazayeri // @breadandsaltbos


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Why she is badass: Katrina is one half of the sister duo who have been shaking up the local hospitality industry. She is a co-owner of Juliet, a full service restaurant and café in Somerville. The ability to challenge public health inequities in their business has landed them on the Boston Globe and Zagat’s 30 under 30 as Boston’s young dining scene stars.

26. Candice Wu // @candicewucouture


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Why she is badass: Candice is the owner of Candice Wu Couture, an upscale store front in Boston that features exquisite wedding dresses with careful beading and Swarovski Crystals. Not only can you catch her dresses in store but you can find them down the runways of Fashion week on the east and west coasts.

25. Sara Williams // @rockwithdjsara


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Why she is badass: Sara is definitely holding her own in the male dominated world of Djing. With 12 years under her belt, she is still out there perfecting her craft at parties and wedding events.

24. Kristen Ransom // @inclu_de

Tech Entrepreneur

Via inclu_de

Why she is badass: Ransom is the CEO and founder of IncluDe Software. It provides impeccable digital design services to minority and women-owned businesses. Forbes recognized her for her work in the tech industry.

23. Adrianna Wolf // @henna_by_adriana

Henna Artist

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Why she is badass: Adrianna is self-taught Henna artist in Boston. Her art ranges from simple designs to very complex and intricate.

22. Michelle Wu // @wutrain

Boston City Council

@wutrainembedded via

Why she's a badass: Michelle Wu gives all young first generation born Americans hope and her work in local politics proves that. She is the President of the Boston City Council. She is the first Asian-American woman to serve on the council.

21.  Meghna Trivedi// @snazzybellanista

Fashion Blogger/Stylist

@snazzybellanistaembedded via

Why is she a badass: Call Meghna as superwoman because she is the jack-of-all-trades. She is not only Mrs. India Earth USA 2016, but she is a mom, architect consultant and fashion blogger. Her goal is to inspire women who are married and have children to keep building and investing in themselves.

20. Elizabeth Lin Johnson// @lizzies_bakery


@lizzies_bakeryembedded via

Why she is a badass: Elizabeth is the owner of Lizzy’s Bakery based in Boston. She literally built her business from scratch (no pun intended). She is a self-taught thanks to the help of YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram. Her mouth-watering cakes look like something you can find in magazines.

19. Samantha Burns // @lovesuccessfully

Relationship Counselor

@lovesuccessfullyembedded via

Why she is a badass: Samantha is a License Mental Health Counselor with a thriving private practice in Boston. She is a Millennial Love Expert help singles and couples with their love lives.

18. Jazzmyn Red // @jazzmynred


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Why is she a badass: This songstress and fem-cee is making mark in the music industry. She uses her lyrics to share stories about her community, society, her personal struggle and triumph. You can hear all this on her sophomore project Writing HERstory.

17. Nicole Chan // @nicolechanphotography

Photographer @nicolechanphotographyembedded via

Why she is a badass: Nicole is an award winning Boston photographer. Her creative authentic images have been featured in New York Times, The Boston Globe, Martha Stewart Weddings and more.

16. Brittany DiCapua // @bostonfoodjournal


@bostonfoodjournalembedded via

Why she is a badass: Brittany story of turning her love for food into a business is a unique one.  She is the founder of the Boston Food Journal, a marketing platform and blog site used to highlight restaurants and businesses in New England. Her brand has racked up more than 21,000 followers.

15. Tami Nguyen // @bostontamcam


@bostontamcamembedded via

Why she is badass: Tami is a Boston based videographer with a knack for film and television production. You can catch all of her adventures for concerts, sporting and nightlife events on her portfolio site bostontamcam.

14. Tahisha Legrand // @legrandproexperience

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Why she is badass: With more than 10 years of experience Tahisha is a professional makeup artist and owner of Lé Grand Pro Experience. She brings out all the beautiful melanin on her clients and from the smiles in those pictures, she offers makes those blushing brides feel special.

13.  Khouloud Rafiq // @africanberberwoman

Travel Blogger

@africanberberwomanembedded via

Why she is badass: This Moroccan beauty gives her follows a small case of FOMO in every Instagram picture. Her deep love for traveling, fashion, and photography has taking this Queen to countries all across the world.

12.  Jenna DiMaggio // @bostonchicparty

Lifestyle Blogger

@bostonchicpartyembedded via

Why she is badass: Jenna is the brain behind Boston Chic Party, a blog that covers all the fun and fantastic things going on in the city. The blog covers everything from fashion, food, and entertainment with a hint of flair.

11. Britt St. George // @relevancereport


@therelevancereportembedded via

Why she is badass: Britt is a Boston based attorney and founder of the Relevance Report, a premier destination for all things beauty, fashion, and travel. She is a prime example of how to make moves in the boardroom while pursuing other things that make you happy.

10.Elissa Garza // @style_wire

Social Media Consultant

@style_wireembedded via

Why she is badass: Elissa is the creator of Style-Wire, a for profit lifestyle blog. It was created during a time where she felt uninspired at her finance job, and now she is doing what she loves as a blogger and social media consultant.

9. Hannah Cochran // @hannahrcochran

Product Designer

@hannahrcochranembedded via

Why she is badass: Hannah is a storyteller with the camera. She enhances the images of brands with just a click. She is also a published photographer who has been featured in the Boston Common Magazine.

8. Christie Lindor // @mecemuse

Management Consultant

@mecemuseembedded via

Why she is badass: Christie is a seasoned consultant, public speaker and podcast host of The MECE Muse Unplugged, a weekly pop-up variety show that covers trending topics in the world of consulting.  This boss lady has been featured on Bustle, TIME, Forbes and much more.

7.  Joyce Marie // @joie_designs

Web Designer

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Why she is badass: Joyce is a gifted web designer who helps bloggers and entrepreneurs elevate their brands through their online presence. She turns any idea into a successful website.

6.  Jillian Barnes // @noaddedsugarbyjillian

Personal Trainer

@noaddedsugarbyjillianembedded via

Why she is badass: Jillian is that go to person for all your healthy lifestyle needs. She is the founder of No Added Sugar, a personal training business based in Boston. Jillian mission is to not only make you feel good on the outside, but even better on the inside.

5. Bianca Gay // @attorneybianca


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Why she is badass: Bianca is an immigration and business law attorney. When she is not guiding families through our complicated immigration system, she is the co-host of The Legal(ish) podcast discussing legal hot topics.

4.  Nadeen Abuhasan   //@Nartsyness

Content Creator 

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Why is she badass: Nadeen is a local photographer and graphic design artist. The Boston Globe has recognized her eye for simple, clean and aesthetically calming photos.

3.  i Style // @hairbyistyle


@hairbyistyleembedded via

Why she is badass: i Style is a licensed cosmetologist who can style any texture of hair. She is known for her creative patterns, updos, and freehand patterned hair color. She was recognized as Raw Boston Hairstylist of the Year.

2. Tiffany Proboscis // @bostonfab1

Editor @bostonfab1embedded via

Why she is badass: Tiffany is a seasoned professional who serves as editor of The Fab Empire, highlighting notable events for young professionals in Boston and other major cities. Her blog has partnered with and has also won many awards.

1.  Karen Akunowicz // @karencakes

Executive Chef

@karencakeembedded via

Why she is badass: Karen is the executive chef/ partner Myers+Chang in Boston. She competed on season 13 of Bravo TV’s Top Chef, and was named on of the “21 Badass Women Changing the Food Word” by Marie Claire Magazine. It was only right to put her on this list of Badass Bosses.

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