Hard to believe, but the year is almost over, and I think we all can agree it came quicker than expected. So maybe you didn't get a chance to try out that hot new restaurant you've been eyeing every day on your way to work, or maybe you never had a second to venture out of the city for a hot minute, or maybe you haven't even been able to give yourself a day to just do you. Well, nows your chance.

A new year brings new opportunity. A fresh chance to actually do those things you keep putting off. And while yes, I'm sure there are a ton of not-so-exciting items that belong at the top of your 2017 to-do list (hello, gym), I think the first couple of weeks should be dedicated to things that are actually...wait for it...fun.

Here is your ultimate Boston bucket list for an epic start to 2017.

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Take a day trip to check out some of the most jaw-dropping places in the area

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Start 2017 off right with an epic New Year's Day brunch

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Followed by brunch at one of these Allston hotspots...because what's better than brunch?

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Up your Instagram game and take some pro-level pics around Boston's prettiest locations

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Satisfy your sweet tooth at one of the tastiest dessert spots in Boston

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Go ice skating at the rink in City Hall Plaza before it's gone

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Try out one (or all) of Boston's exciting new restaurants opening in the new year

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And then take the Narcity staff’s recommendations and eat at one of our favorite restaurants

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Visit one of Boston's secret places

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Go on a self-guided cheese tour of the city

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Smoke some pot since, hey, it's legal

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Go on a romantic winter getaway at one of Massachusetts' coolest Airbnbs

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Get a little tipsy while sipping on a magical drink made by Jared Sadoian at the Hawthorne

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And then discover the miracle that is Boston drunk food

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There are tons of free (yet awesome) things to do in Boston - take advantage of them

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Actually pay Eataly a visit - it's SO worth it

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Visit the incredible ice castle in New Hampshire

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Brewery hop your way around Massachusetts and sip on some of our state's tastiest beers (DD required)


Get glammed up by one of Boston's best makeup artists and hit the town

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Maybe even make a few bad decisions at one of these Back Bay bars and get it out of your system

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Discover your new favorite Boston coffee shop since we all know coffee is life

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Give one of those hipster foods you keep hearing about a shot - and 'gram it of course

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Check off every, single, item on this winter bucket list

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