Cleveland isn't exactly the first city that comes to mind when it comes to the food scene. But that's definitely changing! World renowned chefs are opening up restaurants in the city to great success and they don't show signs of stopping. 

The restaurant scene is thriving in Cleveland with endless options for the picky eaters out there to those with a adventurous palate. From brunch classics to French cafes to Ethiopian food, there's no shortage of exciting delicacies for you to try. 

Get your tastebuds ready to experience food at these trendy spots. So if you're looking for a new place to become a regular at or a different restaurant to surprise your SO for date night, this list has got you covered. Just make sure to Instagram it to make everybody else jealous of your food escapades.

Fat Cats

Where: 2061 W 10th St

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Come for the name, stay for the food. It doesn't matter what meal you're here for, the food is always fresh and the menu is constantly changing. Try and snag a table on the patio that overlooks downtown Cleveland. If you go in the summer, the patio is dog-friendly so you're furry friend can enjoy the restaurant too!

From what everybody says, you can't leave without trying the Sweet Potato Tacos or the Pancit. Don't you want to see what all the fuss is about?


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The Black Pig

Where: 2801 Bridge Ave

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Meat lovers, this one's for you. Offering European-inspired American food, this is your one stop shop for beef and pork dishes. The menu changes by the season to take advantage of seasonal ingredients, but the meat is the one constant. If you can, check out the Chili Cheese Pork Rinds or the Hanger Steak. 


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Mabel's BBQ

Where: 2050 E 4th St

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Calling all BBQ fans! Come with your friends as you kick back and enjoy some ribs, brisket, and some good old kraut and pickles. The exposed brick and rustic picnic tables make you feel like you're eating right there in a smokehouse! If you're looking for a sandwich for lunch, people can't get enough of the Polish Girl. 


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LJ Shanghai

Where: 3142 Superior Ave

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The menu offers little options, but it doesn't matter. When you go to LJ Shanghai, you should only be thinking about one dish: the soup dumplings. You're going to have to stop yourself from slurping loudly to get every last drop of soup from them because they're just that good. 

At least your obsession with this place won't break the bank. Every food item is extremely affordable. It'll make you want to order food for takeout. You gotta have food for a midnight snack, right? 

If you're into noodles, your taste buds will thank you for trying the Shanghai fried noodles. Now keep Cleveland's best-kept secret to yourself. Shh!


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Michaelangelo's Restaurant

Where: 2198 Murray Hill Road

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You think you can make pasta on your own, but you can't. At least not the way that Michaelangelo's does it. Reviewers have said that they can taste that the pasta is fresh and made in-house. If you can get your hands on it, the risotto is supposed to be over the top and outstanding. While on the pricier side, you won't regret coming here. Just consider it for your next restaurant to celebrate a milestone in your life!


Le Petit Triangle Cafe

Where: 1881 Fulton Rd

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Holy crepe, French cafes are adorable. If you want to feel like a Parisian in Cleveland, then head over here for some brunch. This place serves everything from huge coffees complete with latte art, savory and sweet crepes, and escargot. It's up to you to decide if you want snails for brunch!

Don't be fooled by the cute decor and the casual vibe of this restaurant. This spot can become your go-to place for a quick breakfast or your designated location for catching up with friends while chowing down on some delicious French food.

Take advantage of the outdoor seating area because if you can't people watch in Paris at least you can do it in Cleveland. All while sipping one of their many cocktail specials.


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Spice Kitchen + Bar

Where: 5800 Detroit Ave

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If you have to choose between brunch and dinner, come here for brunch. The restaurant is a farm-to-table concept with most of their ingredients grown in Cuyahoga Valley. They even have a garden growing in the back. Talk about fresh ingredients! Out of all the menu items, you need to try the mushroom beignets! They've got the right amount of density and airiness. 

If you can, take advantage of the patio space. It's decorated with several plants and white string lights criss-cross above you. 


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Il Rione

Where: 1303 W 65th St

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You haven't had pizza until you've tried it at Il Rione. The pizza has people comparing it to the pizzas they had while traveling in Italy! The restaurant particularly prides itself on the crust. It's the right balance between thin, crispy, and slightly charred. The crowd favorite seems to be the Margherita pizza and the arugula salad as a starter!


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Empress Taytu

Where: 6125 St Clair Ave

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Ethiopian food needs to be on your radar. It's not exactly readily available in Cleveland so this spot is your best bet. The food is served family style and everybody digs in with their hands. The injera bread — spongy sourdough you wrap the food in — is a hit and people can't get enough of it. For a complete experience, try the traditional coffee ceremony after you've finished eating. 


Mason's Creamery

Where: 4401 Bridge Ave

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What meal is complete without dessert? So head on over to this ice cream shop for a treat. The creamery is known for making banana bread splits and ice cream served in egg waffles. But you can never go wrong with ordering a scoop of ice cream in a waffle cone. If you are a coffee addict, try their Vietnamese coffee flavor!


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Soho Chicken + Whiskey

Where: 1889 W 25th St

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You can find the key to happiness here. If you're looking for a meal to fill you up and a drink to wind down, here's your best bet. You can get the fried chicken on its own, but you're not getting the full experience unless you order the chicken and waffles! And if you can't decide which whiskey you want to go with your meal, it's not a bad idea to go with a huge group of friends so you can all order something different and try each other's!


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Where: 1835 Fulton Rd

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This cantina offers a creative and modern twist on Mexican dishes. If you love your guac and can't be bothered to pay extra for a small dollop from Chipotle, then you need to try the guac sampler here. As for a main, nothing sounds as decadent as the duck confit tostada. And for an extra fun night, they have a ton of margarita flavors, so be careful!


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Where: 11401 Bellflower Rd

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You really thought you knew French toast? This restaurant has created a dynamite dish with their "French Toast" item. It's actually a ragout with wild mushrooms and balsamic syrup. If you come here, you have to order it. And between the duck confit and hanger steak? Stick with the duck confit because it seems to melt in your mouth. And if you still have enough room, the cheese platter is to die for.


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Jack Flaps Luncheonette

Where: 3900 Lorain Ave

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Get your breakfast on! If you love to get your day started with a sweet breakfast, Jack Flaps is for you. Their pancakes are fluffy and the waffles are light and crispy. If you have trouble choosing between the two, definitely go with the peanut butter cup waffle. It comes with a spicy peanut butter sauce so get ready for a bit of a kick!


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The Bourbon Street Barrel Room

Where: 2393 Professor Ave

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New Orleans is right here in Cleveland. At least it feels that way when you eat here! The chef is a Southern Louisiana native and has brought that flavor here. Check out the classics like the Cajun Jambalaya and Johnny's Famous Gumbo. And are you really going to leave without stuffing your face with beignets?!


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Where: 1909 West 25th St.

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Don't settle for a fast food burger when you can come here. The patties are substantial and have a wide selection of toppings. There are a ton of vegetarian and vegan options here so nobody feels left out. Bring the whole squad here for the casual vibes and the good food.


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Where: 1365 W 65th St.

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The concept is simple, but it's oh so delicious. The brunch menu offers a variety of menu items on a bed of toast. It's no avocado toast, but going for the Toad in a Hole or the Eggs Benedict — it's worth it. This is the perfect brunch spot to catch up with friends and discuss the latest TV shows you've all been binging.


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Superior Pho

Where: 3030 Superior Ave

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You can stop looking for a Vietnamese restaurant now. This is the definitive spot to go to for a huge bowl of pho when you need to warm up in the summer. The restaurant uses a family recipe that's been passed down through the generations! To with your pho, it's recommended you order a side of spring rolls. And if you aren't in the mood for soup, their Bánh mìs are delicious.



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Colossal Cupcakes

Where: 528 Euclid Ave

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Why just order one flavor of cake when you can order several flavors of cupcakes? Colossal Cupcakes is known for their fruity pebbles flavor, but you can't go wrong with ordering the cosmic brownie. The chocolate is so creamy and rich that you'll wonder if it's even possible to eat the whole thing. But don't worry, you'll find a way. 


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B Spot Burgers

Where: 1 Center Ct

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There's a reason why B Spot Burgers keeps winning awards. If you want to play it safe with a regular old cheeseburger, you can. But at some point, you need to scarf down the Porky or the Fat Doug burgers. They've both been voted the best burger in America! If you're obsessed with pickles, make sure to check out their pickle bar. Oh, the pickles you'll see and want to eat.



Where: 2179 W 11th St.

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Don't be scared by the price point because they often have half price sushi nights! While the restaurant creates Asian fusion dishes, the sushi is what keeps people coming back for more. The rice isn't soggy, the seaweed is always crispy, and the presentation is excellent. And if you don't want to eat raw seafood, try their ramen instead. 


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Prosperity Social Club

Where: 1109 Starkweather Ave

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What's special about brunch in a bar? Well, you can find the best Polish breakfast here. Dig in to the pierogis, kielbasa, eggs, and potatoes smothered in cheese and bacon. They also serve a number of Polish beers so you really have the full experience in an old Polish style pub. 


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Where: 3106 St Clair Ave

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Now that's a sandwich. Slyman's has become a staple in Cleveland for its massive corned beef sandwiches. Does massive even cover it? It's gigantic and you're gonna need to bring your extra stomach along to eat it all at once. Or you can share it with a friend, but don't you want to say you ate it all by yourself? And if nobody believes you, you'll need to just provide video evidence and put it on your Instagram stories.



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