The results are in for the happiest and unhappiest cities in American and the results are great for some of us Texans! Plano, Texas was ranked the happiest city in America by the highly credited finance website WalletHub. If you're looking to move to a Texas city, now you should consider Plano, the happiest one of all!

The results for the happiness study were calculated by adding up the individual rankings from a variety of living situations in each city, and Plano came out on top. WalletHub gauged each American city by looking at a multitude of different living factors that influence a resident's overall happiness. They closely studied the emotional and physical health of residents, their financial situations, the environment around them, and the feeling of community. 

Other important factors like divorce rate, average income, depression rates and amount of daily leisure time residents have all went into the overall outcomes of every cities rank. And in the end, Plano was ranked as number one in happiness in the entire country.

Plano was able to beat out the popular California cities Irvine, Fremont, and Huntington Beach, which are all well-known spots that more relaxed, successful people live in. This study shows that you don't need to live on the beach to be the happiest city!

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Some other Texas cities that ranked in the top 15 happiest cities in America were Grand Prairie at number 7 and Austin at number 14. Surrounding cities of Plano weren't ranked nearly as well, but they still managed to stay in the top third of the list. Fort Worth ranked at number 42, Arlington got 49, and Dallas got 68. The other massive Texas cities San Antonio and Houston got ranked at numbers 97 and 106 respectively.

If you're looking for a new place to live that will give you the most happiness, consider one of the top ranking Texas cities as your new home. But definitely stay away from Detroit, Toledo, and Charleston, who ranked the lowest three spots and are now the unhappiest cities in America.

Source: WalletHub

Check out the complete list from WalletHub and compare your city to Plano! You can also check out the cities who have the highest and lowest depression rates, adequate-sleep rates, active sports rates, divorce rates and more. Or hover over the map above to see which cities were the happiest and unhappiest.

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