A delicious new cookie dough dessert shop just opened in Frisco and it looks fantastic. The specialty cookie dough spot The Dough Dough recently opened its doors and is serving up the best edible cookie dough treats in the city! If you are a cookie eating addict or just love sweet things, you'll definitely need to check this place out.  

The Dough Dough makes their cookie dough with no harmful raw ingredients so it is perfectly safe and encouraged to eat. They have a multitude of classic flavors such as chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, brownie, sugar cookie, Nutella and a variety of gluten-free cookie dough options as well.

Some more extreme cookie flavors that they serve are rainbow, candy cane, cinnamon roll, and the "Cookie Monster"! They also give customers the option to make their own flavors by adding in their own mix-ins to their favorite base flavors.

They serve up their specialty cookie dough in a tasty waffle cone or cup and pile on the delicious toppings. They also serve brownies, "brookies", which is a mix of a chocolate chip cookie and a brownie, cookie dough sandwiches and cupcakes. Their most unique menu item is their new "toaster tarts" which are pop-tarts made from sugar cookies and are filled with chewy cookie dough!

The Dough Dough's heavenly cookie dough treats are super satisfying for your sweet tooth and they're a great price. One scoop of premium cookie dough is $4.00, two is $7.00 and three is $9.00. Their other variety of sweets are priced from $2-$9 as well. 

You can also buy their cookie dough in bulk to enjoy at home from their store locations or on their website. There's no such thing as too much cookie dough!

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The new Dough Dough is located at 3311 Preston Rd. Suite 2 Frisco, TX 75034.

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