Circuses have changed a lot since we were children. The aerobics have gotten more extreme and the shows have become bigger and more dangerous - and now one of the most intense shows is coming to Texas. Cirque Italia is happening in Mesquite from March 21 to the 31. 

The water show is bringing 35,000 gallons of water for its performance. The water stage travels with the European styled performers featuring aerial acts, hand balancing and contortionists amongst other things. Performers come from all over the world including Mexico, Cuba, Belgium and of course, Italy. 

Some of the things you'll see during these performances include acrobats on rollerskates on a water stage, a mermaid and even a dinosaur. You will also get some familiar performances such as clowns and balancing acts. The most exciting part? They do it all without a net - keeping you on edge the whole time as they swing from the ceiling without a safety line.

The traveling tent will be located at 2063 Town East Mall, Mesquite.  If you are lucky enough to go on the first day you might even have a chance to meet the performers after the show. 

Tickets for the show range from $10 to $40.  The website for the circus suggests you arrive 45 minutes before the show is due to start. You can buy tickets online or at the door at the event. 

After their stop in Mesquite, the Cirque will take a trip a little north to Denton so if you can't make it here you can take a day trip to see the show there. The show will be in Denton from April 4 to April 7. 

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Cirque Italia was created in 2012 by Manuel Rebecchi who comes from a circus family himself. 

They have toured the United States throughout the years with different shows and Water Circus is just their latest one. 

For tickets and more information on Cirque Italia, you can visit their website here. 

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