An incredible new Japanese crepe shop is now open in Katy and you will be amazed by their tasty creations. Eight Turn Crepe serves up the most intricate coned crepes that are filled to the brim with the best fillings and toppings. Their signature flower shaped crepes are more beautiful than an actual bouquet!

Eight Turn Crepe is a world-famous Japanese crepe shop that has popular locations in both Harajuku and New York City. The new sweet and savory crepe spot had its soft opening this past week and has been serving its famous crepes from a limited menu before their giant grand opening that will be coming sometime in April. The shop's very first Texas location is already becoming a major hit in the area. 

The famous crepe spot serves a delicious array of sweet or savory treats and entrees for their customers. Their most popular dessert crepes include their iconic strawberry banana, Harajuku fruit cocktail, NY blueberry cheesecake, and matcha striped chocolate. There are so many more flavor combinations that customers can choose from! 

They also have a menu of savory and salad crepes for lunch or dinner options! They serve unique flavored crepes such as their truffled egg white omelet crepe and their eight turn lox crepe. Their salad crepes include options with tuna, shrimp, tofu, yuzuberries and more!

If you're looking for a filling, delicious and absolutely gorgeous dinner and dessert spot, this is the place for you! Be sure to check it out soon and get the cutest photos of your floral shaped cone dessert.

Eight Turn Crepe is currently open on limited hours during their soft opening. They will be operating from 11 AM to 2 PM for lunch hours, and 4 PM to 8 PM for dinner hours. They will be open for more of the day once they officially open sometime next month.

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The new Eight Turn Crepe is located at 23119 Colonial Parkway, Katy, TX.

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