Every woman loves a man with a plan--especially if that plan involves a fabulous glass of wine. It's even more exciting when you bring her somewhere she's never been before, somewhere with an element of surprise. 

New experiences bring people closer together. While warm weather is over this year and options might seem fewer, there are still endless things to do in Seattle. Whether you want something offbeat and on the cheap, or you're ready to glam it up at a private club, this list has got you covered for little-known date spots this winter. 

Relax at Goldmyer Hot Springs

Where: North Bend 

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This sexy staycation is a short jaunt from Seattle--4 hours including driving and hiking. Only 20 people per day are allowed entrance, so reservations must be made in advance--ideally about two weeks prior. Before visiting, be sure to read the park rules and come prepared with a NW Forest Pass. Come to camp, hike through the forest, and take a rejuvenating (and clothing optional) soak in the hot springs. 

See a cabaret show at private club The Ruins

Where: 570 Roy St

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This private dining club has been called "Seattle's best-kept secret," but now, for the first time, the public is being allowed a peek inside its guarded walls. The Ruins is hosting a limited engagement of performances of La Chambre De Valtesse, a provocative cabaret. Suggested attire for the audience ranges from pencil skirts and suit jackets to harnesses and collars. This is definitely an event for adventurous couples looking to shake things up!

Go wine tasting in Capitol Hill at Aluel Cellars

Where: 801a E Thomas St, Seattle, WA 98102

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This tiny tasting room is tucked away on a side street one block from Broadway. It has an inviting, old world charm with high ceilings and natural wood. Come in to enjoy a cheese plate, a flight of wine, or even a curated chocolate and wine pairing. If the date goes well, take a bottle home and keep the romance going! 

Sail for free on Sundays at the Center for Wooden Boats 

Where: 1010 Valley St 

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Sunday Public Sail is a longstanding tradition at the Center for Wooden Boats on South Lake Union. Every Sunday for over 25 years, volunteer skippers and crew have come together to share their beautiful boats with the community by offering free rides. Bundle up with your babe and enjoy a brisk, winter boat float on Lake Union. 

Go on a sunrise hike to Rattlesnake Ledge

Where: North Bend 

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This stunning hike is especially breathtaking at sunrise. It's short--just two miles each way--but it's steep and takes you straight up to an awe-inspiring lookout. 

In Washington's winter, sunrise hikes are one of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors. The sun rises later in the day, so you can get up after 6 am and still make it to a lookout for sunrise. Rattlesnake Ledge is less than an hour from Seattle, so it's hard to beat for convenience. Bring a canister of coffee and cuddle up to your love as the sun rises over the mountains. 
Note: Bring headlamps for the hike up before sunrise, as it will be dark AF up there.

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Have a drink at Cloud Room 

Where: 1424 11th Avenue Ste 400

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This hidden rooftop bar is so far off the beaten path it's above it. It's part of Chophouse Row in Capitol Hill, accessed by the elevator in the back of Bar Ferdinand. It has the feel of a private bar in Hollywood with chic decor, a snazzy bar, and plenty of cushy seats to nestle into.

Get pampered at Imperial Foot Massage

Where: 900 S Jackson St #217

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This is easily the best place to get a cheap massage in Seattle. Located in the International District, it advertises as a foot spa, but it gives full body massages. In case you've never been to a spa of this style before, the major difference between this and traditional American spas is that the treatments take place in a large (dark) room and clothing stays on. (Don't worry--you can always take your clothes off later and have BAE tap in if you think they missed a spot!) At $27 an hour, you can both get massages and have lunch after for less than a hundred bucks.

Dine inside the covered patio at Bar Vacilando 

Where: 405 15th Avenue East 

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Bar Vacilando has an intimate outdoor patio in the back that can still be enjoyed in the winter, as it's brilliantly covered. String lights give a seductive ambiance at night, and the menu offers delicious fare that includes mushroom tacos and cheesy Dungeness artichoke bake.

Come in for a delicious, farm-fresh meal or a sexy nightcap. 

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Share a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup at Cafe Pettirosso

Where: 101 E Pike St

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It would be easy to miss this restaurant's small entrance on 11th Ave. Pettirosso has the charm of a European street cafe and the happy hour of--well--of a truly Seattle restaurant that knows Seattleites want a slammin happy hour. One of the best things from their regular menu is also featured on their happy hour: a grilled cheese sandwich on sourdough made with Beecher's cheese.

This is one of the best grilled cheese sandwiches in the city, and paired with rustic tomato soup, it makes for a cozy winter snack to split with your girlfriend. 

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Venture into the unknown at the Seattle Metaphysical Library

Where: 2220 NW Market St., L-05

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If your girlfriend is curious about the obscure, this will be a slam dunk for an afternoon date stop. This rare library operates largely under the radar, with no obvious sign out front to advertise, and their business is even registered under a different name. But, for those who want to find them, there is a whole (under)world of oddities to discover. 

Do shots in the morning at Juicebox Cafe

Where: 1517 12th Ave #100

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Juicebox Cafe is a small, vegan-friendly cafe in Capitol Hill. The decor feels like you're inside a gorgeous Pinterest board, and the food and drinks taste like their ingredients were just plucked from an organic garden. 

In addition to a yummy seasonal food menu, they offer an impressive selection of fresh juices. Order their trio of health "shots" to share.

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Meditate at Seattle Buddhist Temple 

Where: 1427 S Main

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Sundays can be an opportunity to connect to a deeper power, regardless of religious affiliations or lack thereof. Deepening that connection alongside your partner can, in turn, help deepen the connection between you. 

The Seattle Buddhist Temple offers group meditation every Sunday morning at 9 am in a small room at the back of their church. Guests sit on meditation pillows for 20 minutes of silence followed by a brief discussion. If nothing else, this will definitely give you and your girlfriend something to discuss at brunch afterward!

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Listen to the singing monks at St. Mark's Cathedral 

Where: 1245 10th Ave E

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Another meditative (and relatively unknown) date option for Sundays is the Compline service at St. Mark's Cathedral. For decades, an all-male choir has sung to a mixed congregation of attendees in the late evening. Many people who come for Compline don't identify with any religion but are compelled by the unique serenity of the performance. 

Compline comes from a monastic tradition of monks singing before going to sleep. When shared with a cathedral full of people, it takes on a powerful, contemplative energy that goes beyond religion, hitting on a spiritual level. 

Many people sit in the pews, some walk around during the service, and some even bring sleeping bags or blankets and lay down on the floor. Compline is an offering that people are invited to interpret however it has meaning for them. 

Explore Ballard's history at the Nordic Museum 

Where: 2655 NW Market Street

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The couple that learns at museums together... has something fun to do before their dinner reservation! Learn about the Nordic role in Ballard's history at this niche museum. Find out how Vikings influenced this colorful Seattle neighborhood, and how those influences remain today.

Get drinks at The Belmont 

Where: 518 E Pike St

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The Belmont--formerly Revolution Wine--in Capitol Hill has the decor of a cigar lounge and the wine selection of a specialty shop. In fact, just a year ago this used to be a wine shop. They have since rebranded themselves with expanded seating, a full liquor license (check out their whiskey flights!) and other charming elements that include a collection of board and card games. 

Drink English ale at White Horse Trading Co.

Where: 908 Post Aly

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Now, this is a bar she's almost definitely never been to. But if, somehow, she has been here, let's just say you're never going to be bored with this girl because she's not afraid to get weird. 

The White Horse Trading Co. is a dark AF English ale house whose average patron looks like an elderly, Irish sailor who's wandered out of a retirement home in search of beer. A visit here comes with free, built-in entertainment in the form of friendly boozehounds who've taken permanent residence in the bar stools. Even the owner himself has joked that "Everything is designed for the drunks." Whether you're planning on going hard for the evening or having a casual drink, coming here is sure to lead to a colorful evening. 

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Visit The Backdoor at Roxy's

Where: 462 N 36th St

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Roxy's Diner in Fremont is a vibrant, vegetarian-friendly diner that has been a popular fixture in the neighborhood for years. Its colorful, old-school dining room isn't its only venue, however.

In true speakeasy style, there is a backdoor in the diner that leads to an entirely different party--where chandeliers hang from the ceiling and large paintings of prohibition scenes hang on the walls. As with any good speakeasy, there are live jazz shows every week. Bring the ol' gal down on a Wednesday sometime between 9-11 pm to celebrate drinking legally with a few Gin Rickeys!

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Drink craft beer at Perihelion Brewery

Where: 2800 16th Ave S

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You'd be hard-pressed to find a warmer welcome than here at this family-owned brewery in Beacon Hill. They have 11 of their own beers on tap, one cider, and a menu of comfort food ranging from house pretzels to wings, to mac and cheese. For a casual winter evening, come here to snuggle up to your girlfriend and a cold glass of brew by the fire.

Have a cocktail at Deep Dive

Where: 620 Lenora St

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Hidden inside Amazon's Spheres downtown, famous chef Renee Erickson's new bar Deep Dive has been stirring whispers in Seattle since its launch this summer. It's still relatively unknown due to its faintly marked entrance, but the buzz is growing. Among other details circulating around town, their $18 caviar-topped hot dog has been notable.

Admittedly, part of the intrigue here is the novelty factor, and the sticker price could come with some shock, but if you're in the mood to try something new and unknown, put this one down for a splurge night. 

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Have an authentic Italian dinner at La Rustica

Where: 4100 Beach Dr. SW

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On Zagat, it's been called a "shortcut to Italy."  This quaint neighborhood restaurant feels like the dining room of a cottage beach retreat, with white tablecloths and views of the Puget Sound surrounding. Winter is a time for comfort food, and there is no greater comfort food than Italian. 

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