Utah's Underground Hot Spring Is The Best Place To Be This Winter

Winter is such a magical time, especially when blankets of snow cover the ground. But, with cold weather on the forecast, we're looking for some spots where we can escape the chilliness. Utah's underground hot spring is the perfect place to relax if you're tired of the season already. 

Homestead Crater is one of the state's hidden gems. It's a geothermal hot spring inside an actual limestone rock. 

You can see the wonder for yourself at the Homestead Resort in Midway

The blue mineral water remains a constant 90 to 96 degrees F. Did you know that it's the only place in the continental US where you can scuba dive in warm water? 

The spring is available to swim in year-round and it costs between $13 to $27 per person. It's dependent on whether you want to swim, snorkel, or scuba dive. 

You'll have to call to make a reservation. You can find the information here

There's no lifeguard on duty, so everyone who plans on swimming in the water must wear a life-jacket. 

According to the resort, "Over 10,000 years in the making, The Crater formed when melting snow on the Wasatch Mountains seeped deep within the earth."

You and your BFFs can stay warm this winter while floating in a piece of history. 

If you're not fond of swimming but want to see the amazing sight for yourself, you can go on a self-guided tour in the tunnel.

This is a great place to relax, unwind, and stay warm. If you're looking for places to have a BFF getaway, we've found the best spot.

Homestead Crater at Homestead Resort 

Price: $13 to $27 per person for 40 min to 1-hour soaks, snorkeling, or scuba diving 

Address: 700 North Homestead Drive, Midway, Utah

Why You Need To Go: You can escape the gold at the underground hot spring. 


We strongly advise that before you go swimming or visit any location, you check the most recent updates on potential hazards, security, water quality, and closures. If you do plan to visit a location, respect the environment, and dive with a buddy.