Ian Somerhalder's "V Wars" Is Finally On Netflix Canada & Viewers Are Already Obsessed

The series hit Netflix on December 5.
"V Wars" On Netflix Canada

The Vampire Diaries may have ended years ago, but that doesn't mean that Ian Somerhalder is done with the blood loving creatures quite yet. The actor's latest project, V Wars on Netflix Canada, is already receiving raving reviews after its release earlier today.

If you haven't yet heard much about the new Netflix original, the series stars Somerhalder as Dr. Luke Swann, whose world is turned upside down when he finds out that his best friend, Michael Fayne (played by Adrian Holmes) is actually a vampire with a desperate craving for human blood.

The vampire plague quickly begins to spread from person to person, leaving the healthy humans with no choice but to gang up and battle it out against their immortal enemies.

Like many other popular vampire series, V Wars is actually based upon comic books of the same name by Jonathan Maberry and Alan Robinson.

Even after watching just a few episodes of the first season, viewers are already obsessed with the show and Somerhalder. He may not be playing a vampire this time, but it's definitely interesting to see him take on the role of a human trying to survive the terrifying and dangerous vampire wars, especially as he battles against his best pal.

"Ian (Damon Salvatore) now plays role in a vampire series on Netflix called V Wars as Doctor who is trying to figure out the science behind why some people turn into vampires while others do not. So cool and ironic considering his previous role on The Vampire Diaries," one person tweeted.

"Okay V Wars is officially my next binge watching Netflix series damn this is good @iansomerhalder" another viewer added.

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All ten episodes of the series' first season are now available for streaming on Netflix, and plenty more content is coming throughout the month. Keep your eyes peeled for 6 Underground on December 13 and season two of You on December 26.

You can check out the official trailer for V Wars below.

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