Vancouver Island Is Apparently Crawling With Extra-Magical Mushrooms

Experts say you definitely shouldn't pick them, though.
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Vancouver Island Is Apparently Crawling With Extra-Magical Mushrooms

All you hikers out there may have already discovered that magic mushrooms are growing in B.C. We aren’t kidding - mushrooms with psychedelic properties are naturally growing on Vancouver Island. But before you get too excited about Vancouver Island's magic mushrooms, officials are warning people against picking them. 

Vancouver Island is a known destination for naturally-growing wild mushrooms. In fact, the world's deadliest mushroom is known to inhabit the province. The latest mushroom to be found growing on the island is that of the magic variety.

Known as the Psilocybe mushroom, these psychedelic mushrooms are used by many as a way to expand the mind the relax. While they are known for being used recreationally, officials on the island say that picking and eating them can be dangerous.

So before you start putting on your hiking shoes and heading out the door, we suggest taking a seat. You wouldn't want to ingest something that wasn’t good for you. Don’t you remember the PSA Don’t Put It In Your Mouth?

According to Victoria News, these mushrooms can be easily mistaken for a deadly strain of mushroom. This is one trip no one wants to take. Maybe we should all just stick to picking morels. 

According to Victoria News, the most common local species is Psilocybe cyanescens. Also known as Wavy Cap, these mushrooms are small and brown and have wavy tops as their name suggests. 

Brian Starzomski, director of the School of Environment at the University of Victoria, told Victoria News that these mushrooms are easily confused with other small brown mushrooms; many of which are poisonous to some degree. 

He went on to state that Galerina mushrooms look very similar to the Wavy Cap but are very deadly when ingested. 

According to Victoria News, the magic mushrooms on the island typically grow on wood chips and are often found by gardeners. 

Although they are known to create a psychedelic experience, please don't go magic mushroom picking unless you are a trained professional. This definitely isn't the kind of risk that's worth taking.

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Stephanie Hilash
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