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10 Amazing Hikes You Must Go On Near Vancouver This Summer

Head for the hills for some summer thrills.
10 Amazing Hikes You Must Go On Near Vancouver This Summer

One of the great things about Vancouver is that even though we all love the convenience and pizzazz of the city, an escape into nature is never that far off. So when it comes time to step away from the hubbub, there are plenty of hikes that'll get you home by dinner. We all need fresh air and some hardy exercise from time to time, and going to the gym doesn't always cut it.

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All of these hikes are dog-friendly and are no further than an hour from downtown Vancouver. Here is a list of trails that take you deep into the woods of beautiful BC (not your average walk in the park):

1. Burnaby Mountain // Vancouver (SFU)

This is an easy hike, perfect for when you don't have too much time to venture into the vast wildness. There is a network of trails in the area, but getting to the top of the mountain is the way to do it.

Distance: Depends on trail selection

2. Quarry Rock // North Shore

Taking you up to Deep Cove Lookout, this trail is pretty quick, but well worth the view of the water below. After crossing numerous bridges, you'll find yourself immersed within a pretty dense forest without having to exert too much energy.

Distance: 3.8 km roundtrip

3. Dog Mountain // North Shore

Another quickie, pretty popular and on a clear day, a spectacular view of Vancouver.

Distance: 5 km roundtrip

4. Mount Seymour // North Shore

This one is a real hike up a mountain. Right next to Dog Mountain and a lot of fun if you're ready for a decent workout. Only open July-October so take advantage while you can!

Distance: 9 km roundtrip

5. Lynn Peak // North Shore

A bit more of a challenge, this trail has a pretty good vertical, but without the crowds of the Grouse Grind. Another great view of the city at the summit, only open June-October.

Distance: 9 km roundtrip

6. St Mark's Summit // North Shore

Alright, now we're getting to the more challenging stuff. A pretty moderate hike still, but this trail takes you deep into the mountains with great vantage points with steep drop offs, keeping you on your toes.

Distance: 11 km roundtrip

7. Crown Mountain // North Shore

This hike is a few kilometers less than St Mark's, but will most likely take you a bit longer. It's considered a difficult hike and can be accessed from Grouse Mountain. If you really want to challenge yourself, do the Grind up to the trailhead!

Distance: 9.8 km roundtrip

8. Norvan Falls // North Shore

A BC hiking list would not be complete without a waterfall. This is a great little trek and a fantastic place to cool off on a hot summer day.

Distance: 14 km roundtrip

9. Mount Elsay // North Shore

If you're prepared to enter the backcountry and really do some exploring, this is an excellent longer hike off of Seymour. This is a seriously challenging hike so don't show up with sandals.

Distance: 16 km roundtrip

10. Coliseum Mountain // North Shore

For the adventurers out there, this is an all-day hike. An absolutely splendid way to spend a summer day, just make sure to bring enough food and water. You'll really feel far-removed from the city on this hike, and your reward is more than just a great view, but a solid sense of accomplishment!

Distance: 24 km roundtrip

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