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10 BC Ice Cream Shops That Are Worth The Drive

All the milky goodness you crave.

Summer is just around the corner, which means it's time to eat lots of cold and delicious goodies, like ice cream. Don't worry, you don't need a car to hit all of these places... but it's definitely a plus. From classic spots to up and comers, Vancouver has got you covered when it comes to ice cream and gelato.

It's a good thing you started that summer work-out plan early, because these ice cream shops are sure to make you loosen your belt a little. So whatever your poison, here is a list of ten ice cream shops you need to hit this summer.

Photo cred - @Maaygeline

1. Twisted Ice Cream  // 73 Water St

One of Gastown's newest ice cream joints with a simple concept: Vanilla ice cream, with a twist. Served in a waffle cone or a cup, you chose what toppings to mix with your ice cream. They change up the toppings weekly, so this is a spot to hit on the regular.

Photo cred - @maaygeline

2. Glenburn Soda Fountain and Confectionary //4090 Hastings St

Located in Burnaby, so here's where that car comes in handy. This spot has a really cool 50s diner ambiance and serves up classic sundaes. The peanut butter sundae is a personal favorite.

3. Off the Grid Waffles // 2665 Kingsway

Don't let the name fool you, it's not just waffles. It's waffles and ice cream. Probably the best milkshake you will ever have in your life. This spot just opened last year, but I have a feeling it will become a staple for many Vancouverites this summer. Did I mention they are served in mason jars?

Photo cred - @ss.foodspam

4. UYU Ice Cream // 433 Abbott St

Uyu is Korean for milk, and this place is serious about milk, since it's their number 1 ingredient. They use only organic milk and fresh ingredients for their toppings, and offer a variety of usual and unusual toppings.

Photo cred - @_verox_

5. 720 Sweets // 3278 W Broadway

A Kitsalano favorite, this place is more than worth the drive. 720 really gets creative with their ice cream, even adding tufts of cotton and dry ice to their ice cream. I suggest the Cloud Nine.

Photo cred - @pearlthefoodie

6. Rain or Shine Ice Cream // 3382 Cambie St

They got it right with the name for sure. Ice cream should not just be for nice weather and sunshine. This spot has such a classic story behind it: Boy meets girl, boy and girl love ice cream so much they open up an ice cream joint. Not only are they local, but they use local ingredients from small dairy farmers in the lower mainland.

Photo cred - @laurennicolefoot

7. La Casa Gelato // 1033 Venables St

A local Vancouver favorite... and, as far as I'm concerned, the best ice cream and gelato shop in the city. This place doesn't need all the fancy toppings to impress its customers. The history behind this place makes it a classic, serving ice cream in Van for over 30 years with over 518 flavours to date.

Photo cred -@billyforce

8. Gelataria Dolce Amore // 1590 Commercial Dr

In the heart of Commercial Drive lies this gem of an ice cream joint. Serving up gelato and sorbet, this place is a family business, run by the fourth generation of the Grippo family, who take pride in celebrating their Italian heritage on Commercial drive. My favorite thing about this place is the home made ice cream sandwiches.

Photo cred - @paulahlavacek

9. Soft Peaks // 25 Alexander St

One of Gastown's newest additions to Alexander street, this place always seems to have a line up late at night. Serving up all organic and local items with products from the Avalon milk farm, honeycomb from the Fraser Valley, and even their cups, spoons and napkins are ordered from local suppliers.

Photo cred - @katrinaleoo

10. Milk and Sugar Cafe // 3365 Kingsway

This cute little bubble tea shop serves up some of the best bubble tea and ice cream in East Van. The milkshakes are my jam at this joint, especially because they give you the left over shake in a little side cup.

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