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10 Best Places In Vancouver To Watch A Beautiful Sunset

Light up your Summer evening.
10 Best Places In Vancouver To Watch A Beautiful Sunset

If your stuck in Vancouver over the Summer for work or university, no need to be upset: Vancouver has amazing spots to watch the most colourful and stunning sunsets in Canada! Take an hour to walk on the beach hand in hand with your bae.

Watching the sunset in the arms of your lover, with the rays of sunshine caressing your skin. I can't think of a better way to end a summer day. Take a break from your hectic routine and ask your boo for a date at sunset.

Here are 10 spots to watch amazing sunsets this summer:

Lighthouse Park

Have a delightful picnic on the bluff on the waterfront or the beaches listening to the waves. This park is pet friendly, bring your little friend with you!

Kitsilano Beach

One of the most popular beaches in Vancouver, enjoy a beach day until the last ray of sunshine.

Stanley Park

If you like finishing your day with a workout, go cycle to the 8.8 km seawall while staring at one of the most beautiful views in Vancouver!

Seasons in the Park

Seasons in the Park restaurant is located in Queen Elizabeth Park. Romantic dinner polished by this wide view of Vancouver, this is also a great location to take cute pictures!

Photo cred - @oreos4finn

Sunset Beach

Know as the less populated beach on English Bay, this is where you want to go for a private and relaxing time on the beach.

Pacific Park

Go on a hike at the Pacific Spirit Park and finish your journey on the beach. Let the sunlight guide your walk...

The Cloud 9 Restaurant

Watch Vancouver falling asleep over a delicious dinner in the air. I can never decide whether the food or the view is the most astonishing.

The Wicklow Pub

Grap a beer with your friend and have a cozy night at this bar on the marina. Their delicious fresh seafood dish will make your tummy happy !

Whytecliff Park

If you want to step out of your routine and find peaceful place to relax on weekend, I recommend Whytecliff Park. Enjoy the spectacular view of colourful mountain on the coast and the delightful smell of trees on your walk through the park.

Photo cred - @dialog17

UBC Rooftop Garden

Go study to the highest accessible point on campus! Great view, quiet spot and a coffee from Upper Case, you'll get the good vibe of summer courses!

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