Dating is a universally confusing concept. In the movies, wearing a pretty dress (usually followed by a drastic "makeover") and going to an awkward and expensive candle-lit dinner is a typical date. In college, squishing two butts onto your dorm room bed and watching Netflix on your laptop is a typical date. Give us a break, we're all trying to save money!

But dating doesn't have to fall into the category of fancy, over the top poshness, or into the category of lazy, pizza guzzling "Netflix and chill." There's a beautiful middle ground of cheap dates that have just as much charm and romance as spending $60 for dim lighting and a steak.

Getting to know someone requires experiences and even though the expensiveness of Vancouver can scare you away sometimes, there is an abundance of cheap and free things to do! Build memories with someone you're getting to know or somebody you already love at these 10 best places to go on a date in Vancouver for under $10.

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1. Walk around the Sea Wall.

Nothing amps up the charm of a date like natural beauty. The sea wall in Stanley Park offers you amazing views while keeping you active. The best part about having a date here is that it allows you something to do while you talk so that there aren't any awkward pauses. We can all relate to those cringe-worthy first few dates. Another amazing feature... it's totally free!

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2. Dance Salsa in Robson Square.

Starting July 3rd, there will be free Salsa lessons at Robson Square every Sunday afternoon. This is the perfect way to get in some dancing and really learn to feel comfortable with each other. Unless you're some undercover Salsa queen, the mutual awkwardness and clumsy mistakes will make this an informative, memorable and most importantly: laughable date.

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3. Visit a night market.

There are night markets all over Vancouver offering the most delicious fusion foods and quirky trinkets. Most of them also have live music and a free or super low entrance fee. You can get a fun, fair-like environment to try new things with your date and throwback to your years as a kid. Find a list of cool markets around Vancouver here.

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4. Grab a bite at the Famous Warehouse.

There menu features most items for under $5. This means you can pay for yourself and your date for only $10! Earn some "I got this one" points at a super affordable price. You've conquered the dating game.

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5. Take the ferry to Granville Island.

This charming ride costs under $4 a person each way. You can gaze at the water, or into your date's eyes as you view the city en route to the always lovable, Granville island. Enter in the ultimate romantic style. If you go at night from the Yaletown stop, the ferry dock is lit up in adorable fairy lights, adding to the magic of your adventure. Find the schedule here.

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6. Attempt to understand some art at the V.A.G.

The Vancouver Art Gallery has entrance by donation every Tuesday evening. Take your date on a visual adventure at the gallery's constantly rotating shows. This is the perfect way to sprout out some of the facts you learned from that one Art History course in 2nd year and impress your date without looking like a snob.

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7. Have a cultural experience at the International Buddhist Temple. 

This beautiful temple is located in Richmond, just a short bus ride away form the Bridgeport sky train station. The temple offers place of worship to the local Buddhist community and is one of the most famous Buddhist sites in North America. Respectfully admire the beauty of their architecture and the serene Chinese garden surrounding the temple. Entrance is free!

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8. Pack a picnic at Stanley Park.

Pack a simple picnic and bike your way to Stanley Park on a sunny day. The park is HUGE and there are a countless number of places to relax, sit back and soak in the rays. You and your date will be able to catch up without the fuss of a restaurant or bar and just enjoy nature, each other, and if you did a decent job... some good food.

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9. Treck to Wreck Beach at UBC.

While Wreck beach is beautiful and majestic, one of the best parts about it is how secluded it is. The beach is a few hundred steps under the UBC campus and has nice "snow globe" feel to it. You and your date can beach it up without the crowds that you find at Kits and English Bay. Plus if your date goes well... a little privacy never hurt anyone?

Photo cred- @vancouverfleamarket

10. Find your treasure at the Vancouver Flea Market.

Take your thrift store game to a whole new level at the Vancouver Flea Market! You can recreate those cute little dates in movies and TV shows where the couple would head to quirky stores and try stuff on. Shopping with someone lets you know so much about them and at a flea market, you can buy them a unique little gift that is totally affordable.

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