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If you know me at all, or have ever read my bio, you know that I am a self proclaimed fried chicken and waffles connoisseur. Growing up in Southern California I was introduced to chicken and waffles at a young age, but never really grasped the true deliciousness until my 20s.

During one of my visits back to the City of Angels a few years ago, a friend and I made it our mission to get some late night Roscoe's Famous Chicken and Waffles in Hollywood. Needless to say, it was the best meal of my life.

After returning back to Vancouver, I found myself craving the sweet taste of syrup and fried chicken, and thus began the never ending journey to find the perfect Chicken and Waffles served in Vancouver.

So if you have recently found yourself in my similar situation, I suggest you study this list accordingly, as all of these places serve their own version of the dish. And if you were wondering, this list isn't in any particular order, except the first three. Which are my top three favourite places in Vancouver for Chicken and Waffles.

Make sure you screen shot this list:

photo cred - @tuccraftkitchen

1. Tuc Craft Kitchen // 60 West Cordova

OMG. I'm drooling already just thinking about this. Tuc has the best fried chicken hands down. You get two HUGE pieces of boneless chicken on top of two waffles. Served with maple syrup, dijon mournaise and a delicious sweet sauce. Dress it up how you like, no matter what it will be amazing. It's a good thing they only serve it for weekend brunch or else I would be there everyday.

photo cred - @saveonmeats

2. Save-on-Meats // 43 West Hastings

Save-On has always been a personal favourite so when they added chicken and waffles to the menu I was obviously amped. They also serve it basically all day everyday because its on their lunch menu. Hello high cholesterol! Second favourite because they keep it simple, fried chicken, waffles, gravy and syrup and the price is totally right at $12.95

photo cred - @adrian.ladesma

3. Back Forty // 118 Robson St

Third fave because its served with double smoked bacon. Thats basically all that needs to be said there. Bacon, fried chicken, waffles...covered in maple syrup and gravy for $15. Damn! Someone bring me some!

That was the top three, the rest of these are in no particular order but are all great places to cure your C&W cravings!

Photo cred - @em_brail

4. Deacons Corner //  101 Main St

They only serve chicken and waffles as their special on Sundays. This place is bomb because they put two eggs on top of your chicken. Although I'm not a huge fan of eggs, this is actually a really great combination and eggs lovers should give this one a try! Another great price of $11.95.

photo cred - @michaeljohnsousa

5. The Capital // 1178 Davie

If your super broke this is the spot. One of those $4.95 food joints, they actually serve it as a sandwich and it comes with coleslaw. Its pretty delicious for discount chicken and waffles.

Photo cred - @yolksbreakfast

6. Yolks // 1298 East Hastings

A classic breakfast joint that serves up some mouth watering organic fried chicken! Delicious Belgian waffles, chicken gravy and maple syrup for $15.55.

photo cred - @portland_craft

7. Portland Craft // 3835 Main St

If your a fan of the TV show Portlandia you will like this spot. Their chicken and waffles is named "Put a bird on it" after one of the skits from the first season. Buttermilk fried farm chicken, waffles, maple syrup, chicken gravy and a cute little side of watermelon for $16.50. Yum.

Photo cred - @havanavancouver

8. Havana // 1212 Commercial Drive

I heard about Havana's chicken and waffles for a long time before I finally got around to trying it. They only serve it for breakfast on the weekends but its friggen delish. Served with a crispy Caribbean chicken breast, Belgian waffle and your choice of savory: coconut gravy and seasoned vegetables. Or sweet: fruit compote and maple syrup. Both great, but try the savory for sure! $14.99.

Photo cred - @johnathonv

9. Dixies BBQ  // 337 East Hastings

This is a newer spot in town, right on Hastings and Gore. If your a gravy fan, this spot will be your jam because they like to load on the gravy. I suggested asking for it on the side if you aren't a fan of soggy waffles. The bourbon maple syrup is bomb AF though. Also, they allow you to bing your bike inside because of the shady neighbourhood

photo cred - @andyhsiungbear

10. Chewies Steam and Oyster Bar // 2201 West 1st & 1055 W Hastings

The sauce is what makes Chewies C&W's so bomb. Buttermilk waffles, southern fried chicken and a cajun honey butter drizzle. Now that your hungry AF and your mouth is watering for chicken and waffles, you should probably go out of get some.

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