Being single can be challenging no matter where you live, but there's something about being single in Vancouver that is just way, way worse.

Maybe it's the large amount of happy couples in one area that are nearly impossible to avoid, or perhaps the fact that the whole city seems to be filled with romantic date spots. It could even be because all of your friends are in loving relationships, and you haven't changed your shirt in three days and had a bottle of wine for lunch.

Regardless of the reason, it's tough, but just know you aren't alone. These ten struggles of being single in Vancouver are all too real for everyone.

1. Not having anyone to go ice skating at Robson Square with in the winter

Everyone is posting pictures of them and their significant other looking all cozy and in love, wearing sweaters and kissing and being gross. You try to convince yourself you don't like skating anyways, but we all know that's just the bitterness talking.

2. Your friends are constantly trying to set you up with people they know

This is perhaps one of the most frustrating aspects of being single. You'll have nothing in common with the other person, except for the fact that they're also single.

3. Even if they aren't actively trying to set you up, they give you dating advice that you never asked for

Wow Becky, please tell me more about how easy it is to find a guy in Vancouver. You've been in a relationship for the last six years, do you even remember what it's like to date? You definitely aren't enough of an expert to be lecturing me about not trying hard enough.

4. Having to go to the Vancouver Christmas market alone, or even worse, with couples

Where's the fun in Instagramming that picture of the hot chocolate in the cute mug if it's only your cup in it? Alternatively, you could just buy two and fake a cute couple Instagram post, and then drink both. Alone. Probably while you cry.

5. Having no one to buy you Earnest Ice Cream

Yeah, you could buy your own, but ice cream always tastes way better when someone else buys it for you.

6. There's no one to win you stuffed animals at the PNE

Sure, they're awful quality and super tacky, but there's just something really wonderful about having someone love you enough to spend fifty bucks trying to win a stuffed banana in a Rasta cap.

7. Romantic bike rides on the sea wall is not an option

Bike riding alone isn't romantic, it's just exercise. If you have someone else with you though, then you have an excuse for being so slow. You can pass it off as you just taking in the scenery, instead of admitting that your cardio sucks.

8. Watching all the couples holding hands around you

Why is everyone holding hands every second of every day? Do you think they're going to get lost? Aren't your palms sweaty?

9. Having your friend and their significant other invite you out with them because they feel bad that you're alone

Trust me, I'd rather sit alone and stare at a wall for hours on end then watch you two make out on the beach for an hour and sensually rub sunscreen on each other.

10. Being surrounded by happy couples during fireworks at English Bay

This combines the two things that attract couples the most: fireworks and beaches. So, as you can imagine, fireworks on a beach is hell for any single person who prefers to not be reminded of how very, very alone they are.

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