Whoever I am talking to, saying that I am vegan always creates a situation of discomfort. Apparently non-vegan people (even vegetarian) find it troublesome to meet someone who does not eat any dairy or animal products. The funniest part is that people tend to picture vegans either as arrogant people or diet extremists.

Among the kind of reaction that I get mostly, there is the judgmental "oh...really?" that makes me wonder if I offended someone by choosing to eat the diet that I want. There is also the "it's amazing, I could never do that", as if saying I'm vegan implies you have to eat the same way. For those who wonder, it's just something I care about and want to share. It's exactly the same as if you were talking about favourite brands of clothing.

Here are ten questions that vegan always get from friends or acquaintances that makes us laugh (or cry) all the time:

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 1. What? You only eat fruits?

Of course not, I also eat TONS of carbs like bread, oatmeal and rice.

2. Isn't it expensive to eat vegan?

That's why we only eat fruits.

3. How do you get all your proteins?

Per 100g, you get twice more protein in eating nuts and seeds like (peanuts ❤ ) than chicken breast.

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4. Does that mean you only eat raw ?

Of course, cooked food is overrated.

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5. Isn't it difficult to restrict yourself like that?

You say restriction. I call it respect for life.

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6. Do you really think you have an impact on the environment when doing that?

That's how I choose to contribute to the protection of the planet. What's yours?

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7. So, you don't eat cookies or ice cream?

How relieving it is to know vegan ice-cream exists...

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8. Oh, so you don't like eating?

No one becomes vegan because he/she hates eating.

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9. You don't eat meat? WTF is wrong with you ?

I know, I think I'm addicted to fruits.

10. How do you know you don't harm plants? They have feelings too!

Right, and they're also begging me each time I eat them.

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