10 Reasons Why Dating A Vancouver Girl Will Change Your Life

For the better.
10 Reasons Why Dating A Vancouver Girl Will Change Your Life

Oh Canada - home to some of the greatest scenery, food, oh and did I mention, women? It seems like Vancouver has been topping lists for everything lately – from the third most liveable city in the world to the fastest growing metropolitan economy in Canada.

What these awards don’t mention about Vancouver is that it boasts some of the most incredible, talented ladies as well. If you’re not already dating or wanting to date a Vancouver girl, here are 10 reasons why dating one might just change your life for the better.

1. Everyday is leg day on the Grouse Grind

Vancouver girls are known for chasing that fit lifestyle. We'll teach you how to work hard and play hard. We’ll take you to that next level, literally, on hikes like The Grouse Grind or The Chief. How inspiring would it be to date your fitspo?

2. Your diet will be WAY healthier

Vancouver ladies don’t just take their fitness seriously, but their diet too. We love eating and drinking our fruits and vegetables, like kale, and will take you to good-for-you places like Tractor, Glory Juice & Co, or The Naam. Your girl will make sure you eat food that makes you feel good and look good.

3. Your Instagram feed will get a serious upgrade

Vancouver girls know how to work that Insta game. She’ll be sure to take you to places like Quarry Rock, Granville Island, and Stanley Park to get insta-worthy couple shots. More double taps on your pictures coming your way.

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4. Vancouver rain won’t stop date night

It's called Raincity for a reason. Despite all the rainy days, Vancouver ladies are rain hardy and able to accommodate. This flexibility can positively translate to other aspects of your relationship as well. Some may brave it, others may stay in, but either way you can be sure to still have an amazing night. Bonus points for gentlemen who offer their umbrella/jacket!

5. She’ll bring you to explore the beauty of BC

With the best ski resort in the world a mere 2 hour drive away, there’s a good chance you’ll spend weekends hitting the slopes, hiking the mountains, or relaxing at the Scandinave Spa. We Vancouver ladies know our way around Whistler and many of the amazing places we have in BC - and we love to make the most of all BC has to offer. Vancouver girls love to explore and will bring that adventurous spirit to the relationship, being fun, inspiring guides on and off the mountain.

6. You will learn something new

Vancouver is a place with something for everyone. We've got the ocean, city, and mountains. With the diverse nature of the city, a Vancouver girl could be into anything. Maybe she loves sailing, surfing, or skateboarding. Whatever it is, you'll learn something new and have fun doing it. Lucky you!

7. Caffeine might be pumping through your veins

But first, coffee. If you are not a coffee-drinker, prepare to be changed. Many Vancouver women love to drink their caffeine (and, of course, take Instagram pictures of it too). With never-ending cafes and coffee options, you’ll have never-ending energy.

8. She will teach you to be more open-minded

Vancouver is a highly progressive city filled with diversity. Vancouver girls are known for being open to all kinds of ethnicities, sexual orientations, religions, and values. The variety in restaurants is just another reflection of this. Just walking down Robson - there are cuisines from all over the world. Vancouver women know how to try and enjoy foods from all different cultures. Openness and willingness to try new things are great traits to have in a relationship and can bring excitement into your life.

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9. Your tan will be killer from summer beach days

English Bay was recently recognized as one of the best 50 beaches in the world by The Guardian. In the summer, couples are known to populate the beautiful beaches in Vancouver. You can be sure your girl will want to spend time at English Bay, whether it is to watch the fireworks, to play beach volleyball or bike along the Seawall. Your skin will be delightfully golden after all those summer days.

 10. You’ll sweat off pounds at hot yoga

Vancouver girls love to stay healthy, and one of the popular ways to do this in Vancity is through hot yoga. Initially you might not want to be dragged along to classes, but there are tons of benefits. You’ll see the changes with your body in no time and even relieve stress!

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