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10 Signs You Have The Best Boyfriend In The World

Dating in Vancouver is worse then a trip to the dentist. It's hard, it sucks and so rarely do you meet someone who is actually worth your time. With how busy you are, it's almost impossible to balance all that life throws your way and the last thing you need is a bad relationship with someone who drains you of all your energy.

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Thankfully, you don't have to worry about that anymore. No more bad first dates because you found Mr. Right. It's smooth sailing from here ladies so if your man relates to this list he probably deserves the "Best Boyfriend" award.  So treat him right and most importantly lock him down!

1. He is your best friend

Any good relationship should also be a friendship. You can always be yourself around him no matter how silly you feel and you can count on him to always be there for you. You are the first person he calls whenever something good happens in his life.

2. He is your biggest fan

He will support you no matter what you do. But he will also be the voice of reason when you need it most. If you want to quit your job and travel the world, he will probably be right there with you, but he will remind you of all the money you have to save first.

3. He doesn’t get jealous

Jealously is a hard one to overcome. We have all felt it before and we all know it's wrath. These days, it's not uncommon for girls to have close male friends and if your man is totally secure with your friendships, he is a keeper.

4. He thinks your beautiful even when you don’t

Even on your worst day, he sees how beautiful you are and reminds you of that whenever he can.

5. He makes you laugh uncontrollably

Laughter is the best medicine and any guy that can make you laugh no matter what the situation is a keeper. It shows that he isn't afraid to be stupid or silly around you and will do whatever it takes to see you smile.

6. He gives you space when you need it

Relationships are demanding and deserve your full attention but that's not always easy. Life happens and balancing work, school, friendships and a boyfriend can be tough. A great boyfriend knows when to give you space so you can recharge your batteries. Plus, distance makes the heart grow fonder.

7. He texts you every morning to say hello

And every night to say goodnight. A great boyfriend wants you to know he is thinking about you no matter how busy his day gets and he shows you by dropping the occasional “hi babe” or heart eyes emoji.

8. He still takes you on dates

Just because you have been dating for a while doesn’t mean he won’t take you on anymore dates. I don’t just mean he buys you dinner and takes you to a movie. I mean, he makes a reservation at your favorite place and takes you for desert before a nice walk along the seawall.

9. He always offers you a bite of his food

He knows how much you love food and always makes sure to stack his fork with all the best stuff for you. Plus, he knows what you like and generally orders something he knows he can share with you.

10. He talks to you

Communication is key in any relationship. A man who can talk to you about his feelings is husband material. You know that he will tell you how he is feeling wether it's good or bad and work it out with you like a partner should.

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