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10 Solid Reasons Why Vancouver Is The Best City In Canada

Down on the west coast, you get this feeling.
10 Solid Reasons Why Vancouver Is The Best City In Canada

For those who call Vancouver home it’s pretty obvious that without even trying, it’s hands down the best city in Canada. But for those who have never been before, let me explain.

If Canada were a high school, Vancouver would definitely be that popular guy that everyone likes and it never seems to go to his head. He’s on all the sport’s teams, passionate about environmental issues and just so naturally beautiful it hurts.

Even if you don’t know him personally, you can't help but like him and envy his laid back style. With this metaphor in mind, let me expand and give you ten solid reasons why Vancouver is the best city in Canada.

1. The best view, brought to you by the mountains

Need I go on? The mountains provide the perfect juxtaposition to the city skyline and are an amazing recreational resource that everyone can enjoy. Placing restrictions on development, Vancouver has ensured the preservation of this natural treasure that draw visitors from around the globe. Sure beats looking at a tower every morning… Toronto.

2. The amazing weather year round

Yes it can be pretty wet in Vancouver, but it is all worth it when summer arrives, the sun comes out and you find yourself at the beach everyday. Even after the warm hazy days of summer fade, the temperature never dips too low in the winter. This makes style still achievable and eliminates the soul sucking power of the polar vortex. But if you are looking for snow please refer back to point #1.

3. The fact that Vancouver is not only a city but an outdoor playground

The city is your oyster! Not to beat this point to death but the mountains have amazing hiking trails to explore in the summer and then transform into skiing and snowboarding routes in the winter. With the beauty of the surrounding natural landscape its hard to stay indoors. From rock climbing to cycling, to camping, to kayaking, to paddle boarding, there’s very little you can’t do in Vancouver.

4. The diversity of the population

Apart from its expansive natural beauty, Vancouver is renowned for its cultural diversity. Attracting people from around the world to live here and grounded in the deep cultural roots of the Coast Salish people Vancouver’s multiculturalism is reflected in its population! It makes the city unique, dynamic and a welcoming place for everyone.

Photo cred - harryjpatel

5. The orgasmic food and drink scene

Your taste buds will never be bored and your pants will never be lose in Vancouver. With a dizzying number of options when it comes to where and what to eat and drink even the pickiest eater can find their niche in the Vancouver food scene. With new restaurants always opening and food trucks patrolling the streets you're going to become a foodie whether you like it or not.

6. The kick-ass surrounding places to visit

Perfectly located, the roads out of the city lead to adventure in every direction. Situated close to the American boarder vibrant cities of Portland and Seattle are only a boarder crossing away while places like Whistler and Vancouver Island, Kelowna and the Okangan all sit waiting in our own backyard.

7. Stanley Park

All cities have parks but none come close to competing with Vancouver's Stanley Park. The cadillac of parks, Stanley Park is a national heritage site and a natural oasis in the midst of downtown. With trails for biking and walking, beaches, wildlife and historical landmarks this designated green space is enjoyed on a daily basis by Vancouverites and visitors alike.

8. Granville Island

I may have sold you on Vancouver by telling you there is a park in the middle of the city but what if I told you there's also an island in the middle of the city? I kid you not. A buzzing artistic community with restaurants, galleries, shops and a farmer’s market its no wonder Granville Island is unique in more ways than one. With activities and events always taking place its hard to leave without feeling a little more inspired.

9. The ocean

Pacific ocean? You mean our swimming pool? Seafood, water sports, wildlife watching and an amazing view, there are endless reason for our ocean devotion. The ocean will give you a wave when you get here.

Photo cred - jennaorwell

10. It's easy being green

Hands down the greenest city in Canada, Vancouver is envied for its fresh mountain air. With an emphasis placed on public transit, green spaces, which account for 12% of land use in the city and effective waste management, Vancouver effortlessly demonstrates that green is the new black.

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