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10 Things All Vancouver Girls Do

Sirens of Vancity.
10 Things All Vancouver Girls Do

The female hipsters of the West Coast don’t give themselves such a notorious reputation without having a few things in common.

Although the vibrant city is bursting with diverse cultures and constant innovation, here are 10 things that all Vancouver girls do:

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1. Spend $100s at Aritzia.

The city's native clothing store finds itself nestled in almost every Vancouver girl’s closet. Whether it’s the flowy blanket scarves or the minimalistic style, Aritzia is definite staple attire.

2. Have a set sushi order.

Every Vancouverite loves sushi. Whether it’s a cheap, local joint or a quirky fusion roll at the Eatery, Vancouver girls know exactly where to find the best spots for this universally loved delicacy and what to order, where.

 3. Don’t look like dorks in the rain.

While wearing a pair of Hunter boots or a trademark beige trench, Vancouver girls always look put together in grey weather. Having backup umbrellas on hand and using the right hair products helps a Vancouver girl avoid looking like a frizzed up ragamuffin.

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4. Wear Lululemon pants to do basically everything.

A Vancouver girl's workout gear is not reserved for the gym. Lululemon pants are a necessity for errands, going to class or maybe even watching Netflix with your cat.

5. Get excited about eating vegan/vegetarian.

The city’s thriving vegan culture lives in the heart of every Vancouverite. Even if she prefers her food extra meaty with a side of bacon, every Vancouver girl has a meatless favourite. She will most likely also Instagram it to the world pre ingestion.

6. Look like 'nature goddesses' in their profile pictures.

With a city as beautiful as this, getting a scenic background is no difficult feat. That’s why every Vancouver girls’ Instagram and Facebook accounts look like indie rock music videos. Their everyday is a nature-y fantasy.

7. Score epic vintage at thrift stores.

Picking up oversized plaid at the Salvation Army thrift store or browsing through books and music at second hand shops is part of what keeps a Vancouver girl so unique. She stays hipster while saving some major bucks!

8. Hikes.

Vancouver girls know where the best views are. Whether it’s trekking it all the way up the Grouse Grind or taking a hike up Quarry rock, their snapchat story game is always on fleek.

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9. Yoga on the beach.

This is another way Vancouver girls stay zen while keeping in harmony with their breathtaking surroundings. Yoga all around the city makes for the best of both worlds.

10. Go with the flow. 

An aspect of the ‘West Coast vibe’ is found in every Vancouver girl. When faced with problems coming from all sides, they know how to take a‘chill pill,’ breathe in some beach-y air, and see the beauty in what they have.

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