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10 Things You Can Do In BC If You’re Way Too Broke To Go On Vacation

It's a tale as old as time: you and your friends planned a sick trip to Hawaii, but right before it's set to happen, you realize everyone is really, really bad at budgeting their money and it falls through. Now you have the option of either going anyways and being in debt, or just making entirely new vacation plans that everyone can actually afford.

Although it's not quite the tropical paradise you were hoping for, BC is filled with all kinds of interesting vacation destinations that won't drain your wallet. Round up your friends and head out on one of these ten adventures that are sure to be unforgettable (and most importantly, affordable).

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1. Explore the Othello Tunnels

Located in Hope, the Othello Tunnels can be the perfect day trip depending on where you're coming from. With so many different tunnels to wander through, you can easily spend hours taking in the view and admiring the water beneath you. Plus, it's totally free.

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2. Go camping in Penticton

Penticton has tons of beaches and lakes which make it perfect for paddle boarding, boating, and swimming. There are endless places to camp, so you'll no doubt be able to find a site that fits your budget. There's also a channel, so gather your friends and some beach floaties and spend the day in the water.

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3. Pet some kangaroos at Kangaroo Creek Farm

Kangaroo Creek Farm is actually home to way more than just kangaroos. It also contains capybaras, emus, sugar gliders, parrots and more! Located in Lake Country, this farm is a must.

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4. Watch an outdoor movie

Fresh Air Cinema offers free outdoor movies at various locations around BC all summer long, so gather up your friends and some blankets and head out to catch your favourite film under the stars!

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5. Visit Coombs

With an awesome market and goats that live on the roof of it, why not head on over to Vancouver Island to check it out? There's also loads of sculptures and art, making it the perfect place to get inspired.

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6. Relax at Harrison Hot Springs

If you have the cash to stay at the resort, then that's awesome! Enjoy a massage, and swim in their pools. If not, there are all kinds of places to camp nearby, and endless hikes to go on. Regardless, it's sure to be a nice mini-vacation for you and your friends.

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7. Go for high tea at the Empress

Although it's a bit pricey at upwards of $45 a person, tea at the Empress is the perfect way to spend your day. Take a walk in the rose garden after, or maybe even a ride on one of the horse drawn carriages outside.

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8. Head up to Whistler with some friends

Whistler has different things to do depending on what time of year you visit, but whether it's summer or winter, you're sure to have a great time. If you're looking to stay somewhere a bit cheaper, try getting a hotel in Squamish instead.

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9. Catch a performance at Chemainus Theatre

One of the smaller communities on Vancouver Island, Chemainus is home to tons of murals, antique stores, and most importantly, Chemainus Theatre. Find out what performances are going on here.

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10. Go wine sampling in the Okanagan

Besides being beautiful, the Okanagan is also filled with tons and tons of vineyards which means endless wine tasting opportunities. We all know that nothing says "fun" quite like getting really drunk on a wine tour.

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