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10 Things That Make You An Asshole Everywhere But Vancouver

Let's face it, we like to believe that we live in the best city in the world and thus, we can do no wrong. While Vancouverites are (generally) great people, we are not without our share of bad habits. We get away them here, but these bad habits could get us into a bit of trouble when venturing outside of the city.  

Now be honest, how many of these things are you guilty of?

1. Dating multiple people at once / Jumping from one relationship to the next with no f*cks given

Our priorities are all off when it comes to dating. Ever been to the Prairies? There you will find millennial's getting married, having children and buying homes. But in Vancouver, having married friends is as likely as winning the Jackpot during Roll up the Rim.

Apps like Tinder and Grinder make finding people to “date” as easy as a shallow swipe of the finger. Convenient sure, but the only problem is that Vancouver is a small world...chances are you’re going to end up sleeping with somebody your closest friend has already slept with.

2. Constantly bragging about our healthy lifestyles

It's no secret - We love bragging about our healthy lifestyles. How we only eat quinoa and kale, and run the seawall everyday. That makes sense though, right? Need to balance out all the drinks from the weekend somehow...

3. Wearing athletic wear for any and all occasions

We all know Vancouverites aren't the best dressers, but this “Athletic” trend is a whole other beast. I guess in order to keep up with the “Healthy Lifestyle” appearance, we feel the need to dress the part as well. So much so, that girls think it's actually okay to wear a crop top, yoga pants and a pony tail to the club.

4. Driving around really expensive cars with an N on the back

With the amount of money that flows through Vancouver, there is no shortage of luxury vehicles on our roads. Which inevitably leads to 16-year-olds driving brand new Mercedes (or worse, a friggin' Lamborghini) with an 'N' plastered on the back. You might thing you look cool af, but the fact that your car is worth more then most people's annually salary shows a pretty big lack of respect for cash and hard work.

5. Leaving empties right beside the garbage

For a city as green as Vancouver, for some reason, we just love leaving our empty bottles on the street for others to pick up. Chances are if you leave an empty can outside in downtown Vancouver it will be "recycled" within minutes, but don't be fooled by this false sense of selflessness.

6. Dumping our unwanted items on street corners and back alleys

Many of us don’t have vehicles, so taking big items to the dump is just not always an option. Sure, our junk often finds a new home as someone else's treasure, but this is not the norm elsewhere believe it or not. I honestly think we believe Vancouver has some kind of built-in recycling system.

7. Pretending to be a real sports fan

Most cities have an inherent pride when it comes to their sports teams, but Vancouverites are the definition of bandwagon fans. Its not our fault, we have one shitty hockey team that has never won anything, a football team that no one cares about, and a Single A division baseball team. Thank God for the Whitecaps.

8. Bragging about having an apartment in Downtown

With a 1% vacancy rate and a rapidly growing community, it's impossible to find affordable housing in Vancouver. Buying property is out of the question, but paying $1,300 a month for a 500 square foot studio apartment is as common as owning a small dog and living in Yaletown, so let's be real here.

9. Being flaky AF

Might work in other cities, but if you really want people to come to your birthday party, probably best not to rely on how many people clicked 'going' on Facebook. Vancouverites are notorious for showing how willing we are, but never actually following through.

10. Smoking weed in public

All things considered, we are fairly lucky to have a pretty lax view on marijuana here. In a city where dispensaries are as popular as Starbucks, it's no wonder we think we can just roll a fatty and light it up on a busy downtown street corner, but try that elsewhere, and you will probably find yourself locked-up!

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