Granville Island is basically a little piece of heaven for all the foodies out there. It's also a place full of both tourists and locals looking to enjoy the scenery and explore the various markets or shops this awesome place has to offer.

Located right along the seawall, Granville Island is the perfect weekend destination for anyone looking to indulge in a little West Coast culture this weekend with your best friends.

There's plenty of events, vendors, food, music, shopping, and people watching to be had. Whether you're just curious to explore or have something specific in mind, here's what you should definitely check out:

1. The Granville Island Public Market

This is kind of Vancouver's version of the Seattle Public Market, which essentially means a giant hall filled with the most delicious food you've ever seen. With almost 90% locally sourced food and drink, this place is packed with fresh, local, mouthwatering ingredients. My best recommendation would be try absolutely everything, but if you only have a day to explore this maze, keep reading for just a few of my market favourites to pick. Pick up some smoked salmon, and freshly squeezed juice, the best locally sourced coffee, and you're set.

Photo cred - @averyo_oren

2. Granville Island Brewing

This microbrewery is located right in the heart of Granville Island for all you beer lovers. They offer a tasting room, beer hall, and restaurant where you can sit and enjoy a cold one right where it's made. You can even take a beer tour and learn the operations of one of Vancouver's most popular breweries.

3. The Aquabus

To get to and from the island and get the whole experience, take the Aquabus. These little sea taxies give you a sweet view of Granville Island, False Creek, and the Granville Street bridge. You could also try paddle boarding or renting a kayak from the dock as well with Vancouver Water Adventures.

4. Edible Canada

Including exclusively Canadian sourced ingredients, Edible Canada is the perfect place to treat yourself to date night. If you haven't heard already, you need to try their duck-fat fries and grilled salmon or fish and chips, paired with a local wine and beer.

5. Lee's Doughnuts

You guessed it, yet another great place to stuff your face with fresh baked goods. Let's be honest, we're just here to eat. This popular bakery offers traditional, fresh, homemade doughnuts and you need to try them.

6. Improv Centre

Home of Vancouver's TheatreSports league, this unique theatre offers hilarious improv comedy with some of Vancouver's best raw comedic talent there is. Every show offers something new and fun to make you want to come back for more. Improv shows run Wednesday through Saturday, so don't miss out on this weekends shows.

Photo cred - @granvilleislandpettreatery

7. Granville Island Pet Treatery

It's no surprise that this niche market would be such a hit around Vancouver with all the dog lovers out there. This little pet bakery boutique offers baked goods and freshly baked treats and gifts for your pets. All of their treats are homemade, natural, and your dogs will love them. As an added bonus, you can bring your pup into the shop and look around.

8. Catch a street show

Watch musicians, artists, craft makers, singers, magicians, and jugglers perform in the main square throughout the day. This is the perfect place to take in the local talent and people watch as the day goes by.

9. Explore the shops

There are tons of cool little shops lining the streets of Granville Island. Check out local artisans crafting pottery, wood carvings, baked goods, and jewellery. The prices on these items range from affordable to breaking the bank, but their all worth seeing and you'll be sure to find a souvenir to take home with you.

10. Backstage Lounge

Listen to local bands and singers play live music at the Backstage Lounge. This is where the nighlife begins at Granville Island, with tons of eclectic crowds turning up to live jazz, rock, r&b, and funk in a cool atmosphere.

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