10 Things You Can Get For Free On Your Birthday In Vancouver

Van's gon' party like its your birthday.
10 Things You Can Get For Free On Your Birthday In Vancouver

Your birthday is a time to celebrate another successful revolution around the sun and take full advantage of the special perks that come with turning a year older.

And by take full advantage we mean get all the free stuff (mostly food) you possibly can within your 24 hour window of opportunity.

If you know where to look there are places all over Vancouver that will treat you like a VIP on your birthday, and lucky for you we’ll tell you just where to look.

The following is a list of free things you can get on your birthday in Vancouver.

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1. Free Lift Ticket

If your birthday falls during the winter months,Cypress Mountain gives you a free lift ticket on our birthday with proof of ID.

2. Free Pancakes

Become an IHOP member and get the Rooty Tooty Fresh 'n' Fruity pancake stack for free on your birthday. When you join the Pancake Revolution (how badass does that sound?!) you also get free pancakes just for signing up and every year on the anniversary of you signing up.

3. Free Breakfast

Enjoy the Grand Slam breakfast for free at Denny’s when you show them your ID (incase the pancakes didn’t fill the void).

4. Free Tea

Become a Frequent Steeper Member at David’s Tea to receive a complimentary cup of tea on your special day and give your tummy a brief break before moving on to the next free item...

5. Free Burger

I know, it just keeps getting better. Sign up for the Red Robin e-newsletter and score a free burger on your birthday.

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6. Free Ice Cream

No birthday is complete without dessert. Get a sweet treat for free at Marble Slab on your birthday when you sign up for their mailing list prior to the day.

7. A Free Tan

Get that birthday glow at Banana Tans Tanning Studiowhere they offer previously existing clients a complimentary birthday tan.

8. Free Game

Receive free admission on your birthday or 50% off up to two days before or after the big day at Exit Canada, a room escape gaming facility. You have 45 minutes to solve puzzles and escape the locked room.

9. Free Drink

Starbucks Reward members enjoy a free birthday drink and a coupon for 15% off at their online store, bringing you one step closer to that travel mug you’ve been eyeing.

10. Free Beauty Products

Receive a free gift from Sephora when you become a Beauty Insider. Guys score extra points by not only buying your girl a present from Sephora but also give her your free birthday gift.

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