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10 Things You Will Experience When Switching To A Gluten Free Diet

Forget about weight loss diets, go for a healthy diet.
10 Things You Will Experience When Switching To A Gluten Free Diet

In summer, all the magazines and tabloids are promoting a super easy & efficient diet that will make you loose weight in no time! I usually do not even consider those, especially because the required restriction of your food intake  is the open door for a "yo-yo" effect. To me, weight lost diets do not work; I believe in healthy eating and sports.

Being curious and experiencing a lot of digestion issues last summer, I  decided to give the gluten-free diet a try. For those who don't know what that means exactly, gluten is a protein found in barley, oats, rye, triticale, or wheat. In some case, this protein cannot be tolerated by the body: this is celiac decease. This past few years, we have heard a lot of people talking about "gluten sensitivity" that could cause bloating, chronic fatigue, abdominal pain, skins problems... As I could related to the bloating and skins problems, I gave myself a week to eat a gluten-free diet. Here is what I've experienced switching to this diet:

1. Bloating issues disappeared

I did see rapid changes in my digestive system: my metabolism was faster and my stomach burned went away. My bloating issue was magically gone. I could not believe how great it had improved in such a short amount of time.

2. Healthier skin

The glow and smoothness of my skin was definitely better. During summer, this was quiet unique to me as my skin tends to get greasy and dry. As I am the kind of person who hates wearing a lot of make up, I felt confident walking in street make-up free.

3. Thirsty like no tomorrow

I know, it was summer time so obviously I was thirstier. Yet, I could see the difference at the end of the fist day when I finished my 4th litre of water.

4. You'll be hungry more often

Although some people might see it as a problem, it's actually a good thing to be hungry 3-4 hours after a meal. It suggests that your metabolism is fast and your digestion is smooth. Prepare delicious snacks and eat until you're full!

5. Meal preparing will be necessary

We are starting to see way more bakeries and restaurants offering gluten-free options. However, it does costs a little more. Meal prepping is therefore an amazing to know what you put in your body and you'll discover new amazing recipes. "Gluten-free" doesn't mean fruits and veggies only or no carbs. Potatoes, yam, rice, corn tortillas etc. Let your inner-Chef speak out!

6. Prepare a small budget of gluten-free sweet treats

This optional of course, especially if you have a busy lifestyle or just too lazy to bake. In Vancouver, I love the Lemonade Bakery which is 100% gluten free. The Cinnamon Danish is killing it!

7. Pay attention to labels

It's crazy the number to products that contain gluten without knowing it. Slices of ham, ice-cream, chocolates, soya sauce and all sorts of processed foods. You'll get to know the good brands with time, no worries.

8. Positive mindset

The catchphrase "a healthy mind in a healthy body" made sense to me. Eating whole foods and healthy meals had an impact on my way of thinking and approaching life. No, I did not start advocating for Peace and Love in the world but on the third day I did wake up with a smile and positive mindset for my coming day. And most importantly, I was impatiently excited to prepare and eat delicious healthy meals.

9. Recipes-binging

I felt so great that I wanted to learn more about this new eating diet. I honestly spent four hours straight reading feedbacks, finding new recipes and checking the nutritious implications. Eating gluten-free is healthy as long as you have nutritious meals and snacks. I loved the recipes and style of Gluten Free Girl.

10. Share this new experience with friends

One mistake of that a lot of people do when they are dieting is isolation and shame. Whatever you do in life especially when trying something new, the support of your friends is essential. Depending on how long you do it, but going for coffee in a gluten-free cafe and catching up over muffins will definitely make you feel more confident about your new diet.

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