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10 Tips To Having A Successful Fling This Summer '16

Make it simple & enjoyable.
10 Tips To Having A Successful Fling This Summer '16

Casual relationships have become more and more common today - two people that just want to satisfy their desire without any attachment. This natural need definitely shouldn't be stigmatized, especially when you're a girl. In the  summer, you travel and meet new interesting (and sexy) guys that you probably won't ever see again in your life. Why not start a casual relationship to spice up your holidays?

The #1 condition is to draw an invisible line between you and him. The point of casual relationships is to avoid all the drama that comes along with feelings. Set ground rules and spend pleasant time together.

Here are 10 tips to a successful fling:

1. Avoid leaving things in each other's places.

The last thing you want to do is forget your favourite necklace at his place when you're about about to go home. Make sure to take all your stuff back and that he does the same.

2. If you have an issue, don't call him

Last thing you want to show is that you need him in your life. Casual implies your relationship has an expiry date. You don't want to give him fake hopes about a possible long-distance relationship. Plus, your BFF will probably be a much better help than this stranger you met two days ago.

3. Sleep alone in your own bed

Sleep overs can lead to breakfast in the morning, then a day together and you end up spending three days non-stop. It's obviously up to what you want from this relationship (just sex or friends with benefits). Be careful not to open the door of cheesiness and romance.

4. Refrain from talking about past relationships

If he feels the need to talk to you about it, make sure to change the topic of conversation. If this happens again, you may want to have a talk with him. You are not his girlfriend and if he has decided to open himself to you supposes his trust and affection for you. Don't forget, casual means no feelings.

5. Keep your lives separated

The more you spend time with him without being naked, the more likely you'll develop feelings for him. Not only is he good in bed, but he's also funny, thoughtful, tender... Are you sure this is what you want from a summer flirt?

6. Be honest with each other

This will avoid unexpected "I love you" after spending your holidays together. If you feel a good alchemy and you have sex a couple of times, set clearly what you want from this relationship.

7. Don't spend time with his friends (and vice versa)

One of the complication of a serious relationship is mutual friends. They feel forced to pick a side for some reason while your relationship has nothing to do with their friendship. Anyways, spend time during the day with your friends and your night with him.

8. Be yourself without trying to please him

At some point during your trip, if you find yourself in Victoria's Secret buying sexy lingerie thinking "is he going to like it?", you might want to take a step back and think about what you expect from this casual relationship. The desire to please is human, but pleasing one particular person suggests you're afraid to loose him.

9. Respect each other

Casual relationships do not require you to consider the other as a "sexual object". This guy is still an individual with feelings, personal issues and private life. Understand each other's limits; you don't want to be too intrusive.

10. Keep in mind he may end it any time

People involved in casual relationship enjoy the freedom of living without being committed. Although it's easier to write it than do it, refrain your attachment for your sex buddy to grow. Have fun time together!

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