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10 TV Shows That Are Being Shot In Vancouver This Summer

The dream of living in Hollywood North...

Among all the amazing benefits of living in Vancouver, of course I have to talk about the film industry. Known as the "New Hollywood", the city is the filming area for most of the TV Shows and movies that we are watching and we'll watch this coming year.All true Vancourites must have recognized streets of Vancouver when watching Arrow. If you're one of the lucky students of UBC, at some point one production must have caught your attention.

For our famous and talented actors that we follow all year round with passion and commitment, summer holidays is over as shooting for the next seasons have started since the end of June. If you find yourself bored or out of plans on day, why not checking out the shooting area of your favourite TV shows?

Here are all the shows shot in Vancouver this summer:

Photo cred - @cw_arrow

Arrow (season 5)

Season premier: October 5th

Get ready for the new adventures of the admirable Oliver! And guess who will run for Star City's election... Will it be shot in Vancouver Town Hall?

Photo cred - @luciferonfox

Lucifer (season 2)

Season Premiere: September 19th

This unique city shows us that good and bad aren't mutually exclusive. Lucifer is taking his chance to do things right and repent of his sins by helping an LAPD detective.

Photo cred - @onceuponatime

Once Upon A Time (season 6)

Season Premiere: September 25th

This season announces a lot of revelations, spotting light on Regina and how she became the Evil Queen. Distress, revenge, personal insights, this new season will be vibrant of emotions!

Photo cred - @prisonbreak

Prison Break (season 5)

Season Premiere: Early 2017

Spoilers revealed the shocking moment when Sara hears from Lincoln that Michael is still alive. As all of three are now in danger due to this newfound knowledge, follow closely the new challenges of those three!

Photo cred - @supergirlofficial

Supergirl (season 2)

Season Premiere: October 10th

Although we love Arrow and The Flash, it's such a relief to finally see a woman joining the superhero shows! In this season, Kara will be accompanied by her cousin Clark Kent aka Superman's girlfriend. Girl fights coming up?

Photo cred - @roguetv

Rogue (season 4)

Season Premiere: to be announced

This crime drama Show has caught our breath with all the ups and downs! Of course, we can't wait to discover a new season of crime, passion and murder with the lovely and captivating Grace!

Photo cred - @cw_the100

The 100 (season 4)

Season Premiere: Early 2017

For a dystopian show, they are taking us far from what we could ever expect! And we loved it! If you're too impatient to wait until 2017 to see your favourite teenagers, try to catch them in the surrounding area of Vancouver this Summer!

Photo cred - @cwtheflash

The Flash (season 3)

Season Premiere: October 4th

What's exciting with this show is how many collaborations with all superheroes! Spoilers has announced the introduction of a character from Vampire Diaries... any guesses?

Photo cred - @zoocbs

Zoo (season 2)

Release: Every Tuesday on CBS

This apocalypse world in which animals are taking revenge on humans is incredibly addictive! From the creative scenario to the choice of characters, this is the most watched show this summer. Take your chance and get some spoilers directly from the shooting scene!

Photo cred - @magicianssyfy

The Magicians (season 2)

Season Premiere: 2017

Based on Lev Grossman's book series, the show has diverged from the original plots. Whether you read the book or not, the only question that comes up from everyone's mouths after the end of season 1 is whether the Beast did die... stay tuned!

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