If you're anything like me, even the thought of starting the morning without coffee stifles a yawn. There's something about the thought of drinking artisan brewed energy that perks me up, ready to conquer all of my english lit classes for the day. But when holding warm cups of joe on public transit has started to make you break a sweat, it's time to ice your drink!

Whether you're looking for a fancy chilled latte or just your regular americano on the rocks, check out any of these great places to get iced Coffee in Vancouver:

Photo cred- @chris.mak

Milano // 36 Powell St.

With three Vancouver locations, Milano Coffee brings the craft of traditional Italian coffee and twists it with elements of the West Coast. The unique blends and styles of this close knit coffee community bring a special taste to your morning kick.

Photo cred- @kelsey_thefarmersdaughter

49th Parallel // 2902 Main St.

Every cup is a piece of West Coast perfection. The best part is, you can enjoy a delicious Lucky's Doughnut while you sip on your cold brew. Head to the lovely patio on main street or visit their Kitsilano location.

Photo cred- @darrylquon

Elysian Coffee // 2301 Ontario St.

With three locations and cold brew coffee on tap, Elysian Coffee is a must try! The artsy ambiance is sure to make you feel like a hipster.

Photo cred- @free_rabbit12

Breka Bakery // 818 Bute St.

With three locations all 24 hours, a fresh cold coffee is never unattainable. Ask for a pump of dark chocolate or hazelnut to make your iced americano even more special.

Photo cred- @jjmm_mmjj

Greenhorn Café // 994 Nicola St.

This trendy little spot is slightly tucked away but the quality is hard to miss.

Photo cred- @caffeartigiano

Caffé Artigiano // 574 Granville St.

With an impressive eight locations in Vancouver, Caffé Artigiano makes its name as the go to place for artisan coffee.

Photo cred- @timbertrain

Timbertrain // 311 West Cordova St.

Their slow bar technique allows for coffee roasting perfection. Head here to enjoy the true science behind a perfect cup of coffee.

Photo cred- @nelsontheseagull

Nelson the Seagull // 315 Carrall St.

This airy and inviting space makes for a perfect getaway. Enjoy a delicious breakfast with your perfect cup of morning cold brew.

Photo cred- @bumpngrindcafe

Bump and Grind Café // 3010 Granville St.

With two locations in the city, Bump and Grind Café shares its tasty blend with Vancouver. Enjoy healthy vegan and gluten free snacks with your iced drink.

Photo cred- @matchstickyvr

Matchstick Coffee // 213 East Georgia St.

Roasting their own coffee and "closing the loop," Matchstick Coffee maintains their ethic and incredible flavour. Enjoy an iced coffee and any of their two city locations with a third one on the way.

Photo cred- @pradocafe

Prado Café // 100 West Hastings St.

Promising to create a homey environment and an exceptional cup of coffee, Prado café is the prefect spot to de-stress and reawaken your mind. Head to any of their two locations for the perfect iced coffee.

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