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11 Best Places In Vancouver To Find Food For Under $6

The poor-man's guide to eating out.
11 Best Places In Vancouver To Find Food For Under $6

Eating out in Vancouver can cost a fortune, so knowing where the cheap spots are is important for your bank account. Lucky for ya'll, I hate to cook, so I am a master of dining on a budget.

I have eaten at all of these spots - and I'm telling you, the food is always worth the price. If you're broke AF but you got a wicked Tumblr, these 11 spots are sure to cure your hunger pains.

Photo cred -@warehousegroupbc

The Dime // 1565 Commercial Dr

One of Vancouver's famous $4.95 food joints. Everything on the menu is $4.95. This one is on the Drive, so if you're up for breakfast before 2pm, I recommend chomping down on the Breakfast Sando.

Photo cred - teamchomp

Hi Five Grilled Cheese // 30 East Cordova

This place is a whole in the wall - literally, it's a little window in the side of the Van Horne Building. But it's the best damn grilled cheese of life. It would be a sin to not try all of them but the Cheddie Vedder is the personal fave. This spot is also the bomb because it's open late on weekends, for all your drunken hunger pains.

Photo cred - Instagram

The Moose // 724 Nelson St

On Thursdays The Moose has $1 sliders. Mini-burgers. That is all.

Photo cred - @thewarehousegroup

The Capitol // 1178 Davie St, Vancouver

Another $4.95 food spot. My personal favorite is the Crispy Chicken Wafflewich. A sandwich to most people, but to me an opportunity for chicken and waffles. Ask for a side of maple syrup and some Tabasco... The poor man's chicken and waffles.

Photo cred - We Heart It

Jack's Place in Army and Navy // 36 W Cordova St

I shit you not, for $1.50, you can get a grilled cheese sandwich that will cure that tummy rumble. Nothing like some Kraft Singles between two pieces of white bread.

Photo cred - @yu_ninie

Hastings Warehouse // 156 W Hastings St

$4.95 for a burger with bacon and a side of fries. Pretty much a no brainer. But be careful, because they charge extra for everything.

Photo cred - @Neils.foodworld

Bon's off Broadway // 2451 Nanaimo St

Bon's is an East Van staple. $2.95 for a huge breakfast with enough grease to soak up all of last night's Jameson.

Photo cred - @baodowngastown

Bao Down // 12 Powell St

Gastown's trendiest Asian Fusion joint. I'm addicted to the Bao Chicka Bao Bao, and for $6, I ain't complaining.

Photo cred - @Jordanrossmedia

Viet Sub // 520 Robson St

The bombest Vietnamese subs for under $5.

Photo cred - Facebook

Sushi Dragon // 614 W Broadway

For all you vegetarians out there this is the spot when your broke AF. 16 rolls and a miso soup for $5.95.

Photo cred - Facebook

Wakwak Burger formerly Hamburger $2.85 // 511 Granville St

After some rebranding, they changed their name from Hamburger $2.85 to Wakwak Burger. They have updated their menu a bit, and it now includes a Japanese style burger as well as the original hamburgers and cheeseburgers for $2.85.

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