11 Best Places In Vancouver To Take A Date If They Love Thai Food

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11 Best Places In Vancouver To Take A Date If They Love Thai Food

You may have heard that eating spicy is good for weight-loss and blood circulation but mostly some spices are known to have aphrodisiac proprieties. Among the spiciest cuisine that you can find in the world, Thai food is well-known for its curry of all colours and deliciously spicy noodles.

If you're running out of ideas for your next date, but your date loves exotic and spicy dishes, going for Thai food is one of the best options you have! Vancouver being one of the best cities to find delicious food, here is a list of the most authentic and tasty Thai restaurants of your favourite city:

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Sala Thai // 888 Burrard St

Known as one the best Thai restaurants in Vancouver, taste the multitude of spicy Thai flavours in a colourful and exotic atmosphere. Being vegan and gluten free friendly, whatever diet you or your date has, the Chef will make sure you're having the best Thai culinary experience.

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Thai Basil // 2184 Cornwall Ave

Enjoy the savoury noodles of Thai Basil while watching the sunset on English Bay. For a romantic picnic spiced up by your favourite cuisine, this restaurant is conveniently offering take away so you can share a tasty dinner on the beach.

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Mango Thai // 1206 Davie St

For the busy couple, this Bistro-style restaurant offers quick and delicious dishes. They have a special lunch-menu proposing a variety of Thai specialities at $7.99. Located downtown, it's a great place to take a break from work and have a lovely time with your bae.

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Bob Likes Thai Food // 1521 Broadway Ave

This small restaurant on Broadway will make your tummy happy after a long day of work. Intimate and cozy, meet up with your half after work and share the ups and downs of your day. I recommend on the the unique fusion of Thai-Canadian fusion: poutine made out of Taro, lemongrass, fried tofu, green curry and other Thai delicious spices. Scrumptious!

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Urban Thai Bistro // 1119 Hamilton St

Chic and glamorous decoration, this restaurant is the modern-version of a Thai restaurant. The new illuminated onyx bar will welcome the fan of sports and Thai food! With flat-TV screen hanging on, spend time with your date while watching your favourite team playing!

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U & I Thai // 3364 Cambie St

Owned by a Thai family, enjoy authentic cuisine as if you were travelling in Thailand! Waitresses wear traditional outfits and the restaurant is decorated with the colour of the country. Real Thai-lovers will appreciate the family recipes offered on the menu.

Simply Thai // 1211 Hamilton St

If you're looking for a classic Friday night date in a fancy restaurant with quality food, Simply Thai is the place to go! The menu offers the possibility of a full-course meal, from appetizer to the main courses without forgetting traditional Thai desserts. None of you will be disappointed!

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Red Ginger // 967 West Broadway

Mix of Southeast Asian food, this restaurant offers excellent Thai dishes. The best part comes at the end as their deep fried bananas and ice cream is THE dessert to share with your bae. Question is, who's going to have the last bite?

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Pink Elephant Thai // 434 SW Marine Dr

In a modern and pink atmosphere, you'll get into another world while enjoying great food at an affordable price! If you're taking your date for lunch, their combo is an amazing deal: for $10, you get Veggie Spring Roll , green salad and steamed Thai jasmine rice with coconut milk and your choice of chicken, beef, pork or tofu.

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Kinkao // 903 Commercial Dr

For couples who prefers the comfort and the intimacy of home, Kinkao is the best take-away Thai restaurant of Vancouver! Nothing taste better than an evening at home with your lover enjoying tasty meals.

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Thai House // 1766W 7th Ave

If your date is a big fan of Thai food, you have to try the all you can eat of Thai House! With the choice of 20 main dishes in addition to a couple of appetizers, a soup and desserts, this is the place to satisfy Thai food craving! Eat and love like you never did!

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