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11 Bucket List Chicken And Waffles You Must Eat In Vancouver This Year

The best brunch date to take your BFF on!

Have you ever wondered to yourself, "what am I missing on my bucket list?" It's chicken and waffles my friends!

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It's the perfect weekend brunch date. Because what could be better than biking around the seawall with bae, doing a mini brewery tour in yaletown, then grabbing some crispy and crush, sweet and savoury, chicken and waffles?

Chicken and waffles are life. So now that we've established that, we're going for chicken and waffles this weekend, here's a list of some of the best in the city!

1. Yolk's // 1298 East Hastings St

Yoo... lks. This place is the spot for any breakfast and brunch lover! Look at that tower!

2. Jam Cafe // 556 Beatty St

Seriously, do yourself a favor and get their strawberry milkshake while you're at it. You're welcome.

3. Sweetery Cafe // 30 West 2nd Ave

The servings size here is truly massive. And if by some chance, you aren't full afterwards, Earnest Ice Cream is just down the street.

4. Scandilicious // 25 Victoria Drive

Yeah, it's a little out of the way but the chicken and waffles here are just... Scandilicious.

5. Back Forty // 118 Robson St

Southern BBQ, chicken and waffles, and breweries all around you? You just might never leave the area!

6. Tableau Bar Bistro // 1181 Melville St

Tableau is a great place to go to for brunch after an afternoon of touring the seawall!

7. Tuc Craft Kitchen // 60 West Cordova St

The chicken to waffle ratio that Tuc Craft has in this dish is astounding. Definitely one of the best Saturday afternoon brunch menu's.

8. Yagger's Kitsilano // 2884 West Broadway

Just look at how stacked that is! Look at all that hollandaise. ?

9. Portland Craft // 3835 Main St

Chicken and waffles and watermelon and craft beer, oh my!

10. Save On Meats // 43 West Hastings st

You can enjoy buttermilk fried chicken and waffles while simultaneously giving a meal to the less fortunate. The gift that keeps on giving!

11. Chewies Steam & Oyster Bar // 1055 West Hastings St

Be bad and boujee. Take your girl out to Chewies for chicken and waffles so she knows it's real.

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