When Vancouver cuisine comes to mind, the immediate food types called into play are most likely sushi and seafood. Another lesser known food that can be hugely underrated but make a consistently good meal is ramen. And we're about to lay down 11 of the best places to try for any local (or visiting) Vancouverite. 

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Now we're not talking about your three-minute microwave Mr. Noodle sh*t. This is next level soup and broth we're talking about here. Not only that, but there's a world of sides to pair with your noodle goodness. And best of all, ramen tends to lean on the cheaper side. So get a napkin, start drooling, and here, we, go. 

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1. Marutama // 780 Bidwell St, Vancouver 

Hidden off Robson street (and conveniently near a Megabite Pizza and Caliburger), Marutama boasts fast service and uses a chicken-based broth making it a lot lighter than pork broth.

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2. Ramen Danbo //  1333 Robson Street & 1833 W 4th Ave, Vancouver

Their unique ramen-dare soup base is imported from Japan, and filled with umami (savory) extracts for a mouthwatering broth.

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3. Hokkaido Ramen Santouka // 1690 Robson St, Vancouver

Originating from Japan, Santouka offers consistently good ramen paired with delicious side dishes and very well-priced combos.

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4. Kintaro Ramen // 788 Denman St, Vancouver 

Kintaro boasts two dishes, their spicy garlic ramen and their cheese ramen are particularly unique as far as the Vancouver scene goes.

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5. Taishoken Ramen // 515 Abbott St, Vancouver

Their 'claim to fame' is their "tsukemen". Noodles are served seperate from the broth to maintain the consistency and give a more concentrated flavour.

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6. Jinya Ramen // 270 Robson Street & 2129 West 41st Avenue, Vancouver

Jinya only uses Fuji water in their broths to ensure purity and have a special aging process for their noodles. Before coming to Vancouver, they won multiple awards in LA.

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7. Ramen Koika // 1231 Davie St, Vancouver

Koika has a bit of everything, boasting both chicken broth, pork broth and soba. Oh, and this big bowl challenge. Any takers?

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8. The Workshop // 296 Pemberton Ave, North Vancouver

The Workshop specializes in vegetarian, but still make a delicous ramen that's significantly lighter and healthier than its pork counterpart.

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9. Menya Ramen // 401 W Broadway, Vancouver

Menya is an underrated pick that often isn't overcrowded. The best part is that no dish goes over $10.50.

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10. Gyoza Bar // 622 West Pender St, Vancouver

Excellent ramen and better Gyoza. Gyoza Bar is definitely worth looking at due to it's unique gyoza focus and great offering of alcoholic beverages.

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11. The Ramen Butcher // 223 E Georgia St, Vancouver

Their Kani Tsukemen (Crab broth) is a clear-cut standout. They also offer mini donburi bowls (rice bowls) all at cheap prices!