11 Bucket List Secret Lakes To Go For A Swim In BC

Lakeside dipping with the BFFs is a MUST this summer!
11 Bucket List Secret Lakes To Go For A Swim In BC

Are you feeling tired, or even bored of the mundane 9-5 lifestyle? Do you need to get away? Like FAR away?

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Us too. So we got to thinking: what are some of the best, lowkey lakes that we've ever been to, where we could just swim our problems away, care-free?

With summer peaking out at us from around the corner, we had to share these spots with you! So share them with your friends, get out there, and go swim in some fvcking beautiful lakes!

1. Kinbasket Lake // Golden 

For all the cross Canada road trip lovers out there, Kimbasket Lake is a great stop over when you're on your way to Calgary or Edmonton.

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2. Seton Lake // Lillooet

One of the best places just outside of the GVRD to kick back, relax, and take in the sights of the crystal clear water and #BeautifulBC.

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3. Gun Lake // Gold Bridge 

Have an extended weekend or vacation days to burn but don't want to go far? Gun Lake is exactly where you need to be. Just 2.5 hours north of whistler, Gun Lake makes for a great get away to camp and show off your.. uh.. guns?

4. Lake O'Hara // Columbia-Shuswap

Located WAY the hell out there in beautiful back country B.C. Near Banff, Lake O'hara should be at the top of your list if you plan to do any back country camping this summer.

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5. Muncho Lake // Muncho Lake Provincial Park 

Do you like crystal clear water, uncrowded campgrounds, easier driving conditions, and week long camping trips? If you said yes to all three then it sounds like you've already decided on your next trip. 

6. Sherbrooke Lake // Columbia-Shuswap 

A summer must. Located in Yoho National Park, this glacial water lake isn't only visually breath taking, but physically as well as it is a moderately difficult hike. But hey, it's worth it!

7. Lake Oesa // Yoho National Park

Probably one of our favorite secret lakes! Again, this is a moderately difficult lake to get to but the mesmerizing crystal lake and the incredible Rocky Mountain views will change your life. 

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8. Berg Lake // Mount Robson Provincial Park

Heading to or from Edmonton? Berg lake is on the way! Located at the base of Mount Robson, you can make your roadtrip a thousand times better by stopping by here, or use it as an excuse to go on that BC camping tour you've always wanted to go on!

9. Lake Magog // Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park

Deep in nature, located 1km away from the Alberta border at the base of Mount Assiniboine lies Lake Magog. Though considered back country, it still has a great camp site that boasts semi enclosed cooking shelters and food storage lockers. This makes for safe and fun back country camping!

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10. Atlin Lake // Atlin Provincial Park

11. Comox Lake // Comox-Strathcona

Nice and close to home is the always stunning Comox Lake. Whether you want to spend the day dirt biking the trails around here or just want to float on a tube all day with your friends, Comox Lake is great for both. And it's so close to Vancouver!!

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