Who better to go cafe-hopping with than your BFF? Nobody else will fawn over latte art with you, take as many Instagram photos of you as you want without a complaint, or chat about nothing and everything for hours on end like your BFF will.

We have a list of cafes this summer that you need to explore with your partner in crime - with all of their bright and open storefronts, we can imagine they will be the choice spots to hang out!

Taste & Circle

Where: 206 Carrall Street // Gastown

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Starting off with a super unique cafe, Taste & Circle features rotating pop-ups from creative local collaborators. Not only that - but it is the only place in Vancouver where you can get a selfie printed on a latte! That's right, you can get your own face (or you and your BFFs face) printed onto your coffee for no extra cost - how about that?



Where: 182 W 1st Ave // Kitsilano

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Kahve is a unique, open space, offering specialty coffee and tea as well as house-made eats including sandwiches, salads, and baked goods. The space itself is contemporary and super Instagram-worthy, which is why it's one of our top picks to go with your BFF!


Olive + Ruby

Where: 2839 W. Broadway // Kitsilano

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If you and your bestie are into bright and quirky spots as well as healthy fare, Olive + Ruby is perfect for you. Offering health-conscious light foods and baked goods, as well as smoothies and coffee, the walls of this cafe are lined with plants and it is so cute!


Modus Coffee Co.

Where: 112 W Broadway // Mount Pleasant

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This cafe is focused more on the simplistic side, with specialty coffee - so if you and your BFF are totally into coffee, then head on over to Modus Coffee Co. It's a super low-key coffee spot that roasts their own beans and has amazing little pastries and cookies - definitely worth a try!


Friendly Snackbar

Where: 2408 Main St // Mount Pleasant

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This one's perfect for plant-based BFFs! Friendly Snackbar offers up gluten-free and plant-based sweet and savoury menu items. The result of a collaboration of a group of friends, that is Friendly's motto - friendly food, friendly people, and a friendly vibe, hence the name!


Smart Mouth Cafe

Where: 117-131 Water St // Gastown

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A cozy, family-owned cafe in Gastown, Smart Mouth Cafe serves great coffee and may be recognisable over social media from its huge EAT signage on its interior wall. This is one of our choice spots to sit and chat with your BFF for hours - it's ridiculously homey in here!


Baker & Table Cafe

Where: 6414 Fraser St //

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This bakery serves up Japanese treats including melon pan (a sweet fluffy bread with a sugary exterior) - all handmade from scratch! If you're into Asian inspired pastries and breads, then Baker & Table is great for you and your BFF. Or, just grab some melon pans on the way to the beach - perfect!



Where: 687 Main Street

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Dalina is a combination of three things: kitchen, coffee, and grocery. That's right, whether you're looking for a a freshly cooked meal, a great cup of coffee, or daily provisions, this is the spot for you! With its brightly tiled interior - you and your BFF will absolutely love hanging out in this spot, especially since the outdoor patio area is perfect for summer!


Propaganda Coffee

Where: 209 E. Pender Street

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Propaganda Coffee is another of the very simplistic cafes that focuses on its coffee - offering local roasts, pour-overs, and espresso drinks. Located in Chinatown, the airy and minimalistic cafe screams cool vibes.


Sugarholic Cafe

Where: 4151 Hazelbridge Way, Richmond

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This one's more on the fancier side - so if you and your BFF are feeling a bit fancy, grab some Asian-inspired high tea at Sugarholic Cafe. The food is super Instagram-worthy - if you're feeling particularly hungry, try some of their sweet toast desserts!



Where: various locations

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Matchstick is one of the most popular and most mentioned cafes in Vancouver - with three locations around town! But it's definitely one that you need to add to your bucket list if you or your BFF haven't been already, as their locations are totally Instagram-worthy and a great place for a coffee date.


The only problem now is - which of these amazing cafes to head to first! You can thank us later.