There are few perfections in life as scrumptious as the cupcake. It fits perfectly in your palm, it has the perfect cake to icing ratio and best of all, you're not expected to share! The intimacy between cupcake and eater-of-cupcake is a sacred and indulgent ritual that everybody could use a little more of in their busy, fat free lives.

If you need a little wrapped piece of happiness, or if you're looking to brighten up an upcoming event, cupcakes are the answer! Here are 11 charming shops where you can get cupcakes in Vancouver:

Photo cred- @theoriginalcupcakes

Cupcakes // 2887 West Broadway

Two best friends, Heather and Lori came together to co-find this shop, spreading their delicious cupcake expertise. With 10 locations in the city, Cupcakes definitely has a certified reputation in Vancouver.

Photo cred- @veganbc

Fairy cakes // 3586 Fraser Street

Fairy Cakes offers “delectable alternatives for food restricted diets.” All cupcakes here are nut free, dairy free and egg free, made from organic and local ingredients.

Photo cred- @legateaubakeshop

Le Gateau Bakeshop // 3458 East Hastings St.

If you’re looking for customization, head to this boutique cake shop. Enjoy perfected taste in unique designs.

Photo cred- @vegana87

Lemonade Gluten Free Bakeshop // 3385 Cambie St.

This sweet shop makes their own unique flour substitute using wholesome ingredients like Quinoa. Indulge in a cupcake that hopefully won’t surge your calorie intake.

Photo cred- @sweetgeorgia

Sweet E’s Pastries and Sweets // 2032 West 41st Ave.

Three sisters, Eleanor, Kathleen and Theresa, started this upscale shop. Find the traditional art of baking with a chic, modern twist.

Photo cred- @edibleflours

Edible Flours // 2280 West Broadway

100% vegan and accommodating to all other dietary restrictions, Edible Flours creates cupcake perfection for every tummy. With health conscious ingredients and creative flavours, you are bound to find your cupcake soul mate.

Photo cred- @nar1ya

Cassia Cupcakery //1706 Commercial Dr.

Enjoy a cup of your go to hot drink with a little piece of heaven at Cassia Cupcakery. With vegan options and a preservative-free mantra, everyone can enjoy a dessert here.

Photo cred- @chiffonpatisserie

Chiffon Patisserie // 1073 West Broadway

Beginning as a sandwich shop, Chiffon patisserie quickly began to include their own creative desserts. Enjoy lunch and the happiest ending at this shop!

Photo cred- @gfepicurean

The Gluten Free Epicurean // 633 east 15th Ave.

With a variety of cake flavours and icing, customization of gluten free dessert is available like never before. Enjoy their ‘special organic flour mix’ for a delicious but health sensitive experience.

Photo cred- @butterbakedgoods

Butter Baked Goods and Café // 4907 Mackenzie St.

Rosie Daykin dreamed of opening a bakery ever since she was a young girl. Enjoy her creations at this elegant eatery while she makes your own edible dreams come true.

Photo cred- @luvcravings

Luvcravings Teas and Cakes // 1731 Manitoba St.

At this artisanal cake studio, ultimate creativity combines with a classic, delicious taste. Venture to their gourmet cupcake section to sample amazing creations like Chocolate Hazelnut Crunch (a Nutella lovers dream-cake.)

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