11 Crazy Caesars You Can Get In Vancouver

Yes, The Score on Davie is included on this list.
11 Crazy Caesars You Can Get In Vancouver

Ah, hungover brunch. The greatest of all brunches. But every Canadian knows that brunch is never complete without the spicy wash of a cold AF Caesar down your gullet in the early afternoon.

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We are all on the hunt to find the craziest spots to eat, but finding the craziest caesars takes food hunting to the next level. And Vancouverites are next level kind of people. What takes a caesar to that level is the garnish and these Vancouver bars absolutely crush the Caesar garnish game.

Here's a list of the craziest Caesars you can get in Vancouver.

Local Public Eatery // 2210 Cornwall Ave

As I mentioned in my article, 14 Places Where The Hottest Guys In Vancouver Hangout By Region, The Local is the place to hit up after bae-watching down at Kits Beach. It's also the place that serves you a Caesar in a boot and even if you're not 'a little bit country', you'll love drinking out of it.

Sin Bin Sports Grill // 295 W 2nd Ave

Even though Vancouver claims to be chill we all have our own particular way we like doing things. Enter Sin Bin where you can build your own Caesar. Extra spicy? Horseradish instead of Tabasco? They've got you covered.

The Pinnacle at the Pier // 138 Victory Ship Way

Not just the place I like to brunch with my Mom. The Pinnacle at the Pier also participated in Vancouver's hunt to find the best Caesar with their West Coast Caesar. Gin based with a smoked salmon garnish. *Not pictured*

Chewies Steam & Oyster Bar // 2201 W 1st Ave

Garnished with a cajun prawn and built with two ounces of vodka to really give you that tropical vibe. Pair it with their Buck-A-Shuck at Happy Hour and call me.

Tacofino // 2327 E Hastings

Resist the urge to buy a margarita with your tacos and indulge instead one of Tacofino's Caesars with your next order. The spices compliment each other in a way you've never experienced before and who wants to drink a margarita in the cold weather anyway? Pscht, not me.

The Fish Shack by Glowbal // 1026 Granville St

Homemade Caesar mix because Glowbal is a cut above. Featuring a prawn, an oyster, a lobster tail, and even bacon. Surf and turf done right.

Milestones // Multiple Locations

Stack 'em hiiiigh. Just because you've ended up at Milestones doesn't mean you need to drink a bellini.

Bao Down Gastro Pub // 115 West 2nd Ave

I had to sift through a LOT of boss buns before I found this picture. Don't fill up on buns until you try Bao Down's Caesar garnished with kimchi because it's a Pacific Rim Fusion restaurant.

The Chill Winston // 3 Alexander St

Summer. Patio. Place. Drinking an ice cold caesar in the dead of Vancouver's summer with your Ray Ban's on is the definition of Summertime Happiness. The lesser know, Lana Del Rey...parody.

The Flying Pig // Multiple Locations 

Order the bacon bourbon Caesar and upload it to Instagram. Tag #narcitycaesar so I can replace the photo (since the one used doesn't have the true garnishes) Bonus: You will experience how they infuse bacon fat with bourbon for 2 days and how good that tastes. Then they rim the edge with bacon and celery salt and OMG.

The Score on Davie // 1262 Davie St

The best $60 you've ever spent. Ah, yes. We have arrived to the motherload. The Score on Davie have put themselves on the map because of this pricey wonder and for the sake of Instagram it's worth getting, but if you're broke like me they have mini-options featuring grilled cheese or chicken wings with onion rings for $12-$14

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