11 Lifestyle Instagrammers In Vancouver Who Are Killing It In 2018

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11 Lifestyle Instagrammers In Vancouver Who Are Killing It In 2018

The world we live in is seemingly dominated by social media - with the vast majority of us spending hours on end scrolling through Instagram for inspiration for where to eat, what to wear, and where to go. Are you tired of seeing the same content on your feed? We've got you covered.

We've compiled a list of local guys and girls that you need to start following on Instagram in 2018 - whether it be for inspiration or just to amp up your Instagram feed. Any one of these Vancouver-based influencers could be the next big thing - trust us, you heard it here first!

Leonard Lim // @itsleonardlim

Originally from Australia, Leonard spends his days as a fitness trainer and part-time model. He is making his mark on the Vancouver Instagram scene by using it as a creative outlet to showcase his day to day fashion and lifestyle, as well as his love for travel.

Em Meagan // @emm.yee

Em Meagan is a teacher and blogger, using her social media platforms to promote a healthy work-life balance and her passion for education, combined with sharing her everyday life and fashion.

Vernice Tan // @vernicet

Vernice Tan is a digital influencer who shares her daily life through digital and social media. She has collaborated with many prominent brands and her Instagram posts are based on her everyday fashion as well as her occasional travel adventures. Follow her for some style inspo!

Yasmin Ebrahamif // @yasminebrahamif

Yasmin Ebrahamif is a Vancouver based fashion blogger and digital marketer who is a strong believer in statement fashion pieces and bright colours. With the belief that bold is better, you can count on her to bring a splash of colour to your Instagram feed!

Luiza Salvadori // @lululus

Luiza Salvadori is a Brazilian based in Vancouver, with her social media feed showcasing her stunning travel pictures and style - as well as her lifestyle in Vancouver. Follow her for some serious wanderlust!

Adryan Hanson // @adryanhanson

Adryan Hanson is a Canadian Filipino model who has modelled for top fashion brands including Givenchy and Ralph Lauren.His Instagram feed showcases his modelling career which has taken him to Los Angeles and New York, as well as his low key life in Vancouver - with his beautiful wife and newborn baby!

Haley Estrada // @haleyestradaa

Haley Estrada is a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blogger who uses her social media platforms as a creative outlet. Her feed is absolutely perfect for those who enjoy minimalism and neutral tones!

Paniz & Grace // @ohyoutwo

Paniz and Grace are two best friends who use their social media platform as daily fashion and lifestyle guides.They have a bright and colourful feed showcasing their feminine fashion pieces, as well as their adorable relationship - friendship goals!

Stephen Covic // @stephencovic

Stephen Covic is a content creator who uses his social media platform to showcase his day to day fashion and his travels. His minimalistic content will appeal to those who appreciate a well-curated feed!

Nina Huynh // @yourgirlneens

Nina Huynh is a Vietnamese American Canadian Youtuber who uses her social media platforms for fashion, beauty, and lifestyle advice. Her unique sense of style makes her one to keep an eye on, her trend is on point!

Emma Leger // @emmaleger

Splitting her time between Vancouver and Los Angeles, Emma Leger is a lifestyle influencer and Youtuber who loves the West Coast. With a combination of basic and bohemian style, her fashion choices make her feed a pleasure to scroll through!

Go ahead and give all these Vancouverites a like, a follow, or just go check them out for some inspiration!

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