11 Low-Key Drinking Games You Can Play With Your Friends

Casual cocktails just got way more fun.
11 Low-Key Drinking Games You Can Play With Your Friends

We all know the popular ones – king's cup, beer pong, quarters – but sometimes it's nice to play some more casual drinking games. Whether you're just hanging with a friend and want to make a game out of drinking or you're throwing a little shindig, there are some games perfect for the occasion. And chances are with these games, it is way less likely you'll be cleaning sticky beer off the floor the next day.

So for those of you looking to have a civilized night of drinking while still having a lot of fun, this article has the answers. Like you need more reasons to drink, but just in case you do, here are some chill games that will definitely get you wasted:

1. Flip, Sip or Strip

This is a perfect one for you and your significant other. All you need is a coin and a bunch of drinks. Take turns flipping the coin. If you guess wrong, you either have to take a sip of your drink or take off an article of clothing. By the end you'll either be drunk or naked or both.

2. Kings

Before heading out to the bar, you and some friends need to try this one out. Get a deck of cards and shuffle it up. Take turns picking the top card of the deck. The first person to get a king chooses one liquor (vodka, rum, etc., even beer). The second person to draw a king picks the mixer (orange juice, soda, etc., or be an asshole and pick another liquor). The third person to get a king will be buying the drink later that night at the bar. And the lucky fourth person to draw the last king will have the honour of drinking the contemptuous cocktail. Remember, if you choose a gross combo, you might be the one to have to drink it.

3. Sevens

This game is good if you have three or four people hanging out and feel like doing some simple math (at least at first). Sit around with a drink in your hand and count. You say “one.” The next person says “two.” And so on. Every time you get to a multiple of 7 (7, 14, 21) or get to a number containing a 7 (17, 37, 71), that person has to say “fvck you” instead of that number AND the direction in which people take their turns switches. If you take too long to speak, say the wrong number, or don't say “fvck you” when you're suppose to, you drink. See how high you can count before the math gets too tricky or you get too tipsy.

4. James Bond Drinking Game

Everyone loves watching James Bond movies and now you can get drunk while you do. The game is pretty simple. Every time someone says “James” in the film, take two sips. Every time someone says “Bond,” take two sips. Every time someone says “James Bond,” finish your drink. That alone will get you sufficiently loaded, but just wait until that iconic line, “The name's Bond. James Bond.” That's when you have to chug an entire beer. Let's just say you won't be blowing double Os after this one.

5. Trump Drinking Game

This game is great for those who have an interest in American Politics. Turn on CNN. Every time Trump's name is mentioned, have a sip. Every time they're talking about something offensive he said, have two sips. Every time they show a video of Donald Trump, finish your drink. Warning: this game is extremely dangerous as you are very likely to consume a lot of alcohol. The irony of it is that even without this game, we'd all still be drinking because of that crazy man.

6. Bloody Hell

This is a fun pregame with a couple of buddies. All you need is one die and some drinks. One person rolls the die. Then every other person has up to 3 turns to match that number. You get a match by either rolling the same number or by adding up your rolls to equal the original number. If you bust, then have a drink. Depending on how drunk you want to get, you can determine the rules for how much you have to drink.

7. Mr. Freeze

This game is for a smaller party. It would never work for an all-out banger. Before everyone starts drinking, choose someone to be Mr. Freeze. At any point during the night, the person chosen will freeze. Soon as you notice, you have to freeze as well. The last person to notice has to do a shot. Then you pick a new Mr. Freeze. I would only recommend playing this game if you have a small apartment otherwise you might be standing there for awhile.

8. Wine Checkers

Winos will love this one. The things you'll need are 24 shot glasses and a checker board. If you don't own that many glasses, you can always buy the plastic ones at the store. Get two bottles of wine – one red, one white. Fill up 12 shots of red wine and 12 shots of white wine and use them as your checker pieces. If your glass gets hopped, you have to drink it. If your piece gets kinged, your opponent has to drink it, and you know what that means – refill! It's also helpful if you have a way of marking the glasses that have been kinged, like some tape or a straw. The wine will go quick, don't you worry. If you're feeling real crazy, use hard alcohol in a glass or two. White does vodka and red does rum.

9. Medusa

You need a pretty good sized crew for this one and a round table preferably. Cover the table in shots or other drinks, the best is jello shots. Everyone sits around the table looking down and on the count of three, looks up at someone. If the person you are looking at is not looking at you, you're safe, but if you find yourself staring into someone else's eyes, you both have to drink. Keep playing until all the drinks are gone.

10. Revolving Pong

This might be a little less low-key, but it is a lot of fun if you have access to a ping-pong table. It works best with a group of 4, but the more the merrier. One person serves the ball (lightly I might add) and the person on the other side returns (also lightly), after you hit the ball you pass the paddle to the next person and run to the next position. Eventually you'll all be running around the table in a circle trying to keep the rally going. If you mess up, you drink.

11. Drunken Artists

Last but certainly not least, this is a great game for a dinner party. Each round, someone new is the timer. This person whispers a word to the drawer. On a large pad of paper, the drawer must draw that word to the best of their ability. Everyone else shouts out guesses as to what the drawing is. When someone guesses it, the timer stops the clock. For every 20 seconds it took before someone guessed it, the drawer has to take a gulp of their drink. So one minute would be three gulps. If people give up guessing because your artwork is a little too abstract, you have to do a shot. Then it's someone else's turn to be the drawer. Best be good at drawing if you don't want to get totally sh*tfaced.

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