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11 Most Amazing Spots To Watch The Celebration Of Lights Fireworks In Vancouver

"Cause baby you're a firework" - Katy Perry
11 Most Amazing Spots To Watch The Celebration Of Lights Fireworks In Vancouver

All millennials (especially university students) can definitely relate with me on this one - it's July already. Seriously. What happened? You blink once and your summer is half over. Where did the time go? It seems like just yesterday that it finally started to become sunny in Vancouver. 

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But have no fear! Instead of regretting the painful amount of Netflix you've been watching, take notes. Grab a pen, a paper (do people even use those anymore?) and plan. The 2017 Honda Celebration of Light is under A MONTH away - you heard it right. So in add it to your summer bucket list and make a plan! You do NOT want to be stuck in that sweaty crowd like last year. 

The fireworks will take place on July 29, August 2 and August 5 when the sun has completely set (around 10 PM).

So to aid your planning phase and get you started on your (almost) end-of-summer plans, here are some of the best places to watch the Celebration of Light!

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1. English Bay Beach

Okay, so you all knew this one. But there's no denying that it's THE best place off-shore to catch the spectacle. The fireworks are a mere 250 meters away from the shoreline. Why not see if Cactus Club is taking reservations already?

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2. Vanier Park 

On the opposite side of English Bay, Vanier Park is easily one of the next best spots to catch the show. Heads up, they typically get just as busy. Come early to grab an awesome spot, mark your territory and bring snacks.

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3. Kitsilano Beach 

Just west of Vanier park, Kitsilano Beach is typically calmer. Enjoy the show in (relative) peace and serenity without the hustle and bustle of downtown crowds.

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4. Stanley Park Seawall 

Another strategic way to avoid the crowds on the night of, is to take to the Seawall. The views surrounding the water are still just as fantastic, just make sure to budget enough time to walk and find the perfect spot!

Note: Viewing from the Seawall would only apply to the side facing English Bay, naturally.

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5. Sunset Beach 

Sunset Beach is the perfect place to make a date out of the fireworks (or just a semi-bromantic evening with your bros and baes). Grab take out early, catch the sunset and then enjoy the show.

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6. Jericho Beach

Jericho Beach is another great place to catch the fireworks, while still avoiding the hectic crowds.

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7. Third Beach 

Third Beach is one of the few remaining hidden spots in Vancouver as far as beaches go. You'll need to trek into Stanley Park for this one, but the lack of crowds should be well worth it.

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8. Second Beach

Not in the trekking mood? Never fear, Second Beach, also located in Stanley Park is less of a walk - yet still offers an awesome view.

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9. Dundarave Beach 

Here's some love to my North Shore fam who hates going to downtown and back. You can definitely catch the fireworks from Dundarave, but your view might be partially obscured by Stanley Park.

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10. Cypress Lookout

The lookout on Cypress is awe-inspiring. Mix in some fireworks and you're in for one magical night. Be sure to get there early as parking is limited - and only if it's not a cloudy night!

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11. Rent a Boat

I mean, the only better place to catch the fireworks could possibly be from the water. With a month away, there should be enough time to grab friends and split a rental for the evening.


If you're absolutely against braving the crowd, why not grab a ticket and enjoy reserved seating and fine dining? You can get tickets to several reserved venues here.

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