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11 Places To Take A Date That Has A Sweet Tooth In Victoria

Did someone say road trip?
11 Places To Take A Date That Has A Sweet Tooth In Victoria

Is it just me or does everything taste good when you're on a date? That's why I'm not sure if I actually liked this Peruvian brunch spot I went to a few months ago or if it was just my butterflies that made everything taste so good.

That said, not every date is going to give you the butterflies you need to make the food taste good so better you play it safe and try somewhere with delicious sweets that'll make you happy from your tongue to your tummy.

Victoria prides itself on local tastemakers. The community supports and toasts all companies that are born and raised Victoria, BC.

Check out these incredibly delicious sweet spots to help plan your next date.

Empire Donuts // 736 View St

If you're looking for the next level of donuts, you've found them at Empire. Originally, Empire didn't have their own space and sold batches to coffee shops around the city. Last year they opened up shop on View Street and are still going strong!

Recommended: Rootbeer Float Donut

Bon Macaron Patisserie // 1012 Broad St

Now available in Vancouver as well Bon Macaron makes us all imagine we're in Paris. And since you can't go there on your date this is sure to be the next best thing.

Recommended: A savory macaron (go ahead, try it!)

North 48 // 1005 Langley St

And thus continues my love affair with North 48. Not only are all their main menu items handmade, North 48 keeps that going and uses it to crush their dessert game. For instance, they bring the campfire vibe right to your table with s'mores featuring a flame! Housemade marshmallows and house made graham crackers ftw!

Recommended: The s'mores.

La Roux Patisserie // 519 Fisgard St

This little Patisserie only opened last year but has taken flight at the wharfside of Victoria. The interior of this shop is SO Instagram-worthy and their pastries are to die for.

Recommended: Tarte Citron

Chocolats Favoris // 1010 Government St

Chocolate lovers unite at Chocolats Favoris. Blow him away with one of the many desserts that are coated with chocolate then stroll along Government and check out the cute shops until you reach the twinkling lights of the Legislature building. Ahhh! Who wants to take me?

Recommended: S'more hot chocolate

Tout De Sweet Confections // 1267 Fairfield Rd

Tucked away in Fairfield is Tout De Sweet, the Willy Wonka of Victoria. From gourmet lollipops to handmade marshmallows, this candy shop is every sweet tooth's dream! They even rent out a s'more bar to help cater your next girl night should the date not go as planned...

Recommended: The organic marshmallows

Kid Sister // #10 Fan Tan Alley

Not just popsicles anymore! Now offering ice cream too, Kid Sister has moved to Fan Tan Alley which makes it not only a great spot to feed that cold treat craving but also a perfect setting for you and your date.

Recommended: Persian Popsicle (okay, I might be biased).

via @cookieguy_yyj

The Cookie Guy // 1122 Blanshard St

It's impossible to scroll through this website and now have your mouth water. This shop celebrates the classic dessert: the cookie! With chocolate chip to snickerdoodle, they aren't looking to create the most outrageous flavours, they're all about reminding you of what your mama used to make.

Recommended: The classic chocolate chip

via @yimingc_

Parachute Ice Cream // 105-2626 Bridge St

The people at Parachute believe that every problem has a solution. Theirs? 1-3 scoops of ice cream. Their ice cream. So whether you're deciding where you should eat or mending your broken heart, Parachute has you covered.

Recommended: Red velvet cake ice cream

Cold Comfort // 1115 N Park St

And now one for the vegans!! A favourite among all Victorians. Their mission is to make something for everyone with dairy free options, unofficial gluten free ice cream sandos, and sometimes even featuring sugar-free ice cream for those with diabetes! I MEAN!

Recommended: Rosemary sour cherry ice cream sandwich

via @candyohle

Stage Wine Bar // 1307 Gladstone Ave

I mean, I'd already tell you to have a date night at Stage anyway for the wine and ambiance alone but their dessert menu from crème brulée to this peanut butter chocolate bar (pictured) are more reason to skip dinner all together and just go straight for dessert.

Recommended: Peanut butter chocolate bar

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Narcity may receive a small commission if you purchase something we recommend in this article, which was created by the Narcity Shop team. Items are in stock and prices are confirmed at the time of publishing, but they can change at any time.

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