11 Places To Go Drinking In Vancouver If You’re Broke AF

Lightweights beware.
11 Places To Go Drinking In Vancouver If You’re Broke AF

It's old news that Vancouver is an expensive city to drink in, that’s why we all have such good pre-drinking skills. For those of you born before 1995 you might not remember Vancouver without a happy hour. It was as recent as 2014 that BC finally opened its doors to the idea of our beloved 5-7pm liquid dinners.

The good news is happy hour isn’t the only time to get cheap drinks in Vancouver and luckily you don’t have to go to a really sketchy bar in the DTES either. Although I encourage you to end up at Funky Winker Beans at least once in your life.

So if your looking for something to do tonight but don’t want to break the bank, I suggest you take a look at this list of 11 Vancouver bars that will get you drunk for cheap!

1. The Met // 320 Abbott St

  • $2 beers, $3 Hi-balls, and $4 Vodka bombs on Tuesdays
  • $3.69 PBR tall cans, $3 wine, $3 Hi-balls and $3 shots at Happy hour 7-10pm and late night
  • $7 Beer and a burger every day

2. The Flying Pig // 102 Water St

  • $4.75 House wine, $4.75 House lager at Happy Hour daily from 4-6pm

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3. Clough Club // 212 Abbott St

  • $4 Hi-balls and $4 Jameson Monday-Friday Happy Hour 5-7pm

4. Gringo // 27 Blood Alley Square

  • $3.75 16oz local beers every day

Photo cred- @sharlovesapples

5. The Cambie // 300 Cambie st

  • $3.25 AGD, $4 Tequlia shots, $4.75 Vodka Cran on Monday
  • $3.50 Cariboo, $4 Burt Reynolds and $4.75 Long island ice tea on Tueadays
  • $4.25 Back Tusk Draft, $4 Jager and $4.75 Sex on the beach on Wednesdays
  • $3.25 Kokanee, $4 Crown Apple shots and $4.75 Tequila Sunrise on Thursday
  • $4.50 Moosehead, $4 Fireball and $4.75 Smirnoff Hi-balls on Friday
  • $4.50 Bud, $4 Crown Maple, $4.75 Smirnoff on Saturday
  • $3.25 Lucky can, $4 Jameson and $3.50 hi-balls

6. The Marquis // 2666 Granville St

  • $3.25 Gin and Tonic daily
  • $4 Jameson daily

7. Martini’s // 151 W Broadway

  • $5 House wine on Mondays
  • $4 Bottles of beer Tuesdays
  • $2.75 Beers on tap on Wednesdays
  • $6 2oz Martini’s on Thursdays
  • $3.5 Well hi-balls on Fridays
  • $3.50 Caesars on Saturdays
  • $5 20oz Pints on Sundays

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8. Original Joe's // 298 Robson St

  • $4 OJ’s draught beers everyday
  • $4 House wine everyday
  • $5 Caesar’s everyday
  • Half price bottles of house wine on Thursdays

9. Funky Winker Beans  // 37 West Hastings St

  • $3 draft beers daily
  • $4 Hi-Balls, $4 Lucky bottles and $4.50 Jager shots on Mondays
  • $4.50 shots of tequila, $5 tall cans on Tuesdays
  • $4.50 shots, $4.50 wine, $4 hi-balls, $5 Corona on Wednesday/Ladies Night
  • $4 Hi-balls, $4.50 Sailor Jerrys on Thursday
  • $4.50 Jack and $4 Bud on Fridays
  • $4.50 Jager and $4 Moosehead on Saturdays
  • $4.50 Caesars, $4.50 Sambuca shots and $4 Kokanee bottles on Sundays

10. West Hotel and Bar // 488 Carrall St

  • $1.50 beers daily

11. The Backstage Lounge // 1585 Johnston St

  • $2.75 Bowen draft on Tuesdays
  • $4 Shots daily

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