11 Secret Beaches In Vancouver You May Not Have Heard Of

And if you have, you're a Vancouver OG.
11 Secret Beaches In Vancouver You May Not Have Heard Of

Vancouver is so #blessed to have an abundance of beautiful beaches, but for some reason, everyone just seems to cluster at specific ones. Little do most people know, there are so many more options than you think!

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But before we begin, we're going to clarify that we're using the term "beach" very, very, very loosely here. What we mean by "beach" is a place with a body of water and land. So some of these spots are going to be lakes and rivers, but close enough right?

If you're tired of having to fight head to head for a spot at English Bay, Ambleside or Kits, or you're just looking for a quaint and quiet beach away from it all, here are 11 "secret" beaches in Vancouver you may not have heard of or been to yet.

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1. Oliver's Landing // West Vancouver

The true Pacific North West encapsulated by one beach just off the shore of Furry Creek all the way out in West Vancouver.

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2. Burnaby Fraser Foreshore Park // Burnaby

Okay, so this one's not actually a beach, but it's right along the Fraser River and it's definitely a very low-key place to chill with your besties or your bae.

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3. Fraser River Park // Marpole

A little more west along Fraser River is Fraser River Park. Another beautiful quaint and quite place to relax and enjoy the Vancouver sunset.

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4. Iona Beach // Richmond

Locals swear by Iona Beach as the perfect place to go plane watching since it's right by the airport, and the 3km long causeway is supreme for long romantic walks.

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5. Crab Park // Vancouver

The perfect intersection between nature vibes and city views is Crab Park. It's a neighbourhood favourite and an incredible spot for a completely unobstructed view of downtown.

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6. Mystery Lake // North Vancouver

So you're definitely going to have to do a bit of hiking for this spot as it is located in Mount Seymour Provincial Park, but once you get there it's so gorgeous and so serene. It's also perfect take a dip in after a long hike in the summer.

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7. Jean Beaty Park // Kitsilano

Good luck finding a spot at English Bay and Kits Beach when it's the Festival of Lights. The smart locals know how to stay away from the crowds but still enjoy the dazzling fireworks at Jean Beaty Park.

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8. Cates Park // North Vancouver

The favourite local park and ideal place to escape the lights of the city. The summers to get a bit busy with kids and families from the neighbourhood but it's still a Deep Cove paradise.

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9. Boundary Bay Beach // Tsawwassen

This spot can definitely get a little busy on super sunny days with lots of families, kids, and barbecues, but I mean it's Vancouver, so it's never sunny. On other days it can be very peaceful and quiet. And if you're super into bird watching, apparently this is the place.

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10. White Pine Beach at Sasamat Lake // Port Moody

White Pine Beach is absolutely stunning all year round. If you're looking to stay away from the crowd, then definitely go on a weekday, and it's paradise.

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11. Sandy Cove Beach // West Vancouver

This beach can be a little tricky to find, but that's what you want right? A secluded ocean paradise right in your own backyard? The beach is located right between Rose Cr. and Sharon Dr. along Marine Dr. in West Vancouver.

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