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The 11 Easiest Hikes To Do Near Vancouver That Still Have Amazing Views

These hikes only take an hour or two!

If you're looking for some hikes that will get you out and about in the great outdoors - but can't seem to bring yourself to trek up a mountain for hours on end, then look no further for the easiest hikes to do near Vancouver.

All of these hikes are not only in close proximity to Vancouver, but they all take only an hour or two to complete, so you can be done by midday and still have energy for the rest of the afternoon!

If you want an easy hike that leads to beautiful views, to waterfalls, or even just around a peaceful lake, we've got it sorted for you.

Murrin Provincial Park

Location: Squamish

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Located just south of Squamish on the Sea to Sky Highway, this short hike leads to a spectacular lookout over the Howe Sound. The distance isn't far, but it is a little steep - however it should be easy for beginners and only take an hour or two to complete!

Nairn Falls

Location: Pemberton

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This nice and easy hike is located between Whistler and Pemberton along the Sea to Sky Highway, and leads to a beautiful waterfall. The trail follows along the river for around one and a half kilometres, with little elevation change - so it's very easy!

Whyte Lake

Location: West Vancouver

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This peaceful lake is located in the hills of West Vancouver above Horseshoe Bay, and features a scenic trail. The trail will take you through a grove of Cedar and Douglas Fir trees and end at the lake, and is very short and easy!

Rice Lake

Location: North Vancouver

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Rice Lake is a quiet, serene lake located on the edge of Lynn Headwaters Regional Park in North Vancouver - a short walk around the lake is perfect for those who are beginners to hiking. The trail to the lake itself goes through a forest that will bring you to a fence that marks the entrance to Rice Lake.

Dog Mountain

Location: North Vancouver

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The hike to the viewpoint at Dog Mountain is on the more difficult end of 'beginner' hikes, but it has minimal elevation so it should still be relatively easy to complete - and the view of Vancouver on a clear day is great! Just take care around the technical spots that may have slippery tree roots.

Crystal Falls

Location: Coquitlam

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Located east of Vancouver in Coquitlam, Crystal Falls is a scenic spot that leads into the Coquitlam River and is a short, easy hike. It is also dog friendly - so it is popular with locals who live in the area! The summer months are perfect to do this hike, in the rainy periods it can get quite muddy so there is no time like the present.

Lighthouse Park

Location: West Vancouver

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Located along the shores of West Vancouver, Lighthouse Park actually has a variety of trails you can do in the park. They are all fairly easy with little elevation, but make sure you look at the park map at the trailhead so that you do a loop through the park and end up at the lighthouse!

Yew Lake Trail

Location: West Vancouver

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The Yew Lake trail is a short hike that loops around the lake, and is suitable for all skill levels. It is best used during the summer months, so if you're looking for a hike that will take you less than a hour, this one's for you!

Shoreline Trail

Location: Port Moody

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The Shoreline Trail is located along the shores of the Burrard Inlet, starting from the pier at Rocky Point Park and ending at Old Orchard Park, and is one of the most scenic trails in the lower mainland!

Ambleside Park

Location: West Vancouver

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This spot in West Vancouver is a great combination of beautiful beaches paired with nearby hiking trails - head down the 1.2 kilometre Seawalk which will bring you to a little duck pond where you can relax and have a picnic! You can also catch a view of the Lions Gate Bridge from the shoreline.

Trout Lake

Location: East Vancouver

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Located in East Vancouver and within John Hendry Park, there is a 1.2 kilometre trail that wraps around Trout Lake - it is a great spot to have a relaxing hike (more of a leisurely walk), and take in the serenity of the lake.