If you're so over drinking (or if your liver or wallet is so over it), you'll be pleased to know that Vancouver has endless choices when it comes to weekend activities - and all without the alcohol!

Whether you're into some friendly competition with your friends, live shows, expos, or just chilling out, there will be something for you to do.

Be sure to check out some of these activities this weekend - you'll be in for a great time, and you won't need a drop of booze!

See a free show at TD International Jazz Festival

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The TD International Jazz Festival commences this weekend (June 22), and there are a number of free shows you can attend! Be sure to check out their website for their schedules and to find out which shows you can attend for free.

Catch one of the Mamma Mia shows at The Stanley Theatre

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Witness the smash-hit musical live in Vancouver (with an amazing multi-cultural cast, too) at the Stanley Industrial Alliance Stage on Granville Street! Even if you're not a hardcore ABBA fan, you will definitely enjoy this feel-good show.

Have a night out at Playland Nights

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Adults (19+) can have a great time at carnivals too, in a kid-free atmosphere! Although you are free to drink alcohol at Playland Nights, you can absolutely have a blast without it too - with guest DJs, burlesque shows, virtual reality experiences, and even axe-throwing to make it a great night.

Head to the Vancouver Retro Gaming Expo

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If you're a 90's child with some serious nostalgia - head to the Anvil Centre in New Westminster this Saturday June 23 for the Vancouver Retro Gaming Expo! A huge celebration of retro gaming like no other, it will be sure to delight any gaming fan.

See a live Comedy Show at Yuk Yuk's

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If you've never seen a live comedy show before, you need to. You can see the best local comedians perform at Yuk Yuk's, and it makes for a great night out - so be sure to check out their website for their schedule!

Do a Horror-themed Escape Room

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If you're in the mood for scaring the living daylights out of yourself, head to Exit Escape Rooms to check out their horror-themed escape rooms. Figure out the puzzles and try to escape their Butcher Shop themed room for a real adrenaline rush (just so you know, the success rate for this particular room is 1%)!

Go to an Open-Mic Night at Cafe Deux Soleils

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Cafe Deux Soleils does an open-mic night every Thursday, and also hosts a number of live musicians and poetry readings during the week, so be sure to check their schedule on their website to see what's happening!

Go to one of Vancouver's Night Markets

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You can be sick of drinking, but who could ever get sick of eating? Head to one of Vancouver's famous night markets - we'd pick either the Richmond Night Market or the Shipyard's Night Market, and feast on all the delicious eats you can get your hands on!

Get free ice-cream at Buckets Ice-Cream

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For this Sunday only (June 24), you can get free ice-cream at Buckets Ice-Cream to celebrate their first anniversary! Just head into their store and claim your free bucket-bite - who doesn't love free stuff?

Go cosmic bowling at Lucky 9 Lanes

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The only thing that beats bowling is.. cosmic bowling! Under the neon lights, bowling is just so much more fun. Serving food and drinks as well, Lucky 9 is one of the best spots to have a chill hang-out with a group of friends - and is open until midnight on weekends!

Do glow-in-the-dark minigolf at West Coast Mini-Putt

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Get in touch with your competitive side and challenge your friends to a game of mini-golf - and its glow-in-the-dark! West Coast Mini-Putt is a real hidden gem for a night of fun.