11 Unique Places To Take A Date In Pitt Meadows If You Don't Drink

Perfect dates for the adventurous yet low-maintence love in your life.
11 Unique Places To Take A Date In Pitt Meadows If You Don't Drink
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It's almost Thursday, which is basically Friday, which means it's prime time to plan out your dates for the weekend. Don't be that boring AF chick that takes their date for dinner and drinks. It's so overdone! Pitt Meadows is an awesome place to explore and vibe out your dating prospects. If you try out this guide, you will defs know whether or not he can ride with you (literally, check the list). 

Everyone is at fault for getting stuck in that routine where you go to the same restaurant every Friday and call it date night. Whether it's a bumble date or your BF of five years, it's still sobasic. If you're from Pitt Meadows then maybe this will be a cute AF guide to switching up your current dating routine, OR if you've never traveled over the Pitt River bridge, then this is a whole new city for you to explore! 

Canoeing to Widgeon Falls

Where: Pitt Lake to Widgeon Creek

Price: Free, if you have your own canoe. Rentals available at Pitt Lake Canoe Adventures 

Why you should go: First of all, it's gorgeous. Secondly, it's the perfect opportunity to disconnect from your phone. I know that sounds cliche, but searching for a place you've never been to before will definitely be a fun date, and it'll probably make a good story! You can even camp at falls, if you're feeling extra adventurous.

Stomping Grounds Cafe Bistro

Where: 10931 Barnston View Rd

Price: $2 Coffee, $2 Alfajorres

Why you should go: THE. BEST. COFFEE. EVER. This family-run cafe is the perfect place for a first date or a fiftieth date. Grab one of their coveted coffees and some of their authentic Peruvian baked goods and walk down by the river's edge. Whether you order their Alfajorres or one of their paninis, you will not be disappointed. Oh, and the chef won a Chopped Canada title, so the food has to be good, right?


Tomes and Tales Books, Gifts & Tea

Where: 19141 Ford Rd

Price: Free! Unless you purchase a book 😇

Why you should go: The best used bookstore in Pitt Meadows! If you're a bookworm like me, then searching through the shelves of a good bookstore is the perfect Saturday. You and your date can grab some high-quality tea from their cafe, sit down and browse their vintage books together! 


Picnic & Plane Watching

Where: 18799 Airport Way

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Price: Free!

Why you should go: The Pitt Meadows Regional Airport and Sky Helicopters are both located on Airport Way. This is the perfect area to park and watch the planes fly overhead. You could even have a little picnic like the cuties above! This date idea is straight out of a romantic movie. 

Swan-E-Set Bay Resort & Golf Course

Where: 16651 Rannie Rd

Price: $27 per person

Why you should go: Your date will be seriously impressed if you take them to Swan-E-Set for dinner. Yes, I know it's dinner but the resort is so incredible that I just had to include it. Their pasta night invites nonmembers for unlimited pasta that is literally cooked right in front of you. It's also where they shot Happy Gilmore. Whip that little tidbit out on your date and he'll be putty in your hands. 


Hopcott Farms

Where: 18385 Old Dewdney Trunk Rd

Price: Free!

Why you should go: Hopcott Farms are serious about their meat. They basically make everything into jerky, and you have to try it. Sample some meats and then walk around the farm. You can even take a free ride on their tractor around the fields!


Horseback Riding At Krystal Creek Riding

Where: 17312 Ford Detour Rd

Price: $47 1 hr Group Tour

Why you should go: Try something you haven't done before! Although you can't cuddle while you're on this date, it will definitely be an adventurous date that you'll never forget! And tbh, this date idea is the epitome of Pitt Meadows.


Bike Around The Cranberry Trail

Where:Follow this route

Price: Free!

Why you should go: October is harvesting season for cranberries! Take your time biking along the Pitt River with your boo and watch farmers collect and process their cranberries. This is the ultimate low key, chill date. 

Hollywood 3 Theatre

Where: 19190 Lougheed Hwy

Price: $4.75 per person

Why you should go: Do you miss the days when you could go out to a movie and it was actually cheap? Pitt Meadows likes to keep some things classic and that includes movie night. It's less than $5 to watch a movie at the Hollywood 3 movie theatre. Yes, you read that right.


Driving Range At Meadows Golf Centre

Where: 19049 Lougheed Hwy

Price: $4.29 Small Bucket

Why you should go: It's a super cheap date idea, and it's super cute. You can't really beat $4.29 for a date. You can show off your golf skills and make it into a cute competition to see who can drive the ball furthest! 


Sweet Tooth Creamery

Where: 101-10973 Barnston View Rd

Price: $3.50 Rootbeer Float

Why you should go: If you lost that golf challenge, then reward your date with 2 scoops of premium ice cream! And what's better than ice-cream? Nothing. I hear they even have mini ice cream cones for puppies! 😍


Jasmine Girn
Editorial Operations Manager